The Feed – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review


We return to The Feed for the season 1 finale with Tom phoning the police before calming down Kate and reassuring her that Ben won’t do anything to harm their child.

Meanwhile, Ben talks to Martha and asks who she used to be. Here, we learn she originally had a child called Ellie but before they can continue, police approach their location and pull them over to the side of the road. Breathing heavily, Ben obliges as the policeman heads over, inspecting Martha’s wounds. However, she stabs him in the neck before promising Ben a purpose in the world she wants to create.

Meredith finds herself in a difficult position when President Quan is shot by his own sister. It turns out she’s plotted a coup and agrees to work with Meredith to create a new Feed for the future. At the same time, Eve heads in to the underground slaughter where she finds Danny alive but Cass still dead in her arms. Berating Sue for her heavy-handed methods, Eve confirms Danny hasn’t been hacked and they agree to let him go. However, unbeknownst to him the hack continues to spread, this time to Danny’s Mum.

Kate and Tom find themselves in serious trouble as they head into a supply warehouse but find themselves blindsided by a paranoid man who believes they may be hacked. Eventually he does drop the weapon, allowing Tom to take Kate to hospital. With Danny’s Feed deactivated and Cass now dead, he returns to the others, now able to function without The Feed switched on.

Having found out more about who Max really is, Eve returns and offers him an ultimatum – give her information or his lover’s profile will be deleted permanantly forever. With Kate recovering in hospital, Tom returns to the estate again and re-enters the hidden room, where he finds Martha and Ben waiting for him. After some time, he convinces her to hand over Bea before Tom turns his attention to Ben and the two fight. However, Ben gets the upper-hand and attaches Tom to the AI – Alba.

Back at headquarters, Eve rallies the troops together as she finds a back-door and begins the deletion process. Learning there’s no way for Max to return, Eve burns the profile as Max screams out in pain and vows to kill her. While Danny learns his Mum has been hacked and watches as she runs off, back at the base Tom finds himself begging his brother to turn the machine off, ominously murmuring that more are coming. As brilliant white lights illuminate the room from Tom’s body, he screams out as a worldwide blackout ensues.

With Meredith trapped across the border, Tom gets up from his chair and chokes his brother out, stopping at the last second as Bea starts crying. Leaving Ben with numerous questions, Tom heads off to find Kate, who awakens in hospital to find everyone confused and panicking, given The Feed has now been switched off.

As the episode (and series) closes out, we’re left with our characters en-route to one another. What does the future hold for life after The Feed? There’s certainly a lot of scope for a second season to expand on this and it promises to be a very interesting one if it is renewed. And to be honest, I really hope it is.

I’ve enjoyed my time with The Feed and although some of the familial drama has felt a little melodramatic at times, the show has done well to keep things interesting throughout. Danny’s subplot did feel a little tacked on at times and the open ending is a little disappointing but despite that, there’s certainly a lot of positives to take from this one.

The Feed is a fascinating idea and one that’s not a million miles away from coming to fruition now; especally given how digitally dependent our society is. Having not read the original novel this is based on, it’s hard to comment on how accurate to the source material this is but what’s here has certainly piqued my interest for more of Amazon Prime’s sci-fi series.


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2 thoughts on “The Feed – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

    I believe LH failed to see the brilliance of the dead. He was attempting to create humans with many superior qualities. I believe the dead:
    – wanted to accomplish what LH dreamed of
    – knew it would take ruthless, deadly action or it would be too late
    – one was the use of the corrupted Miyu app
    – engineered Max and others to “do what was needed”
    – using TH and ALBA downloaded all, perhaps cherry-picking who died
    – destroyed the feed to allow the “better people” to build society from scratch
    TH was calm, he believed the “better people” would not harm him or his family.
    LH may have been corrupted. BH may have used to experimentally determine the coding for lying, cowardice, etc ( by LH, the dead, or both )

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