The Fabulous – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 8 of The Fabulous starts the season finale with three out of the four friends raising a toast to Joseph with Mrs Jang. Joseph is the only one missing and his mother tells the trio that the designer was cooped up in his room in order to let his creative juices flow before his upcoming show.

The friends wonder if Joseph would be able to deliver all the designs in due time but Ji-eun has faith in him. Just then, Joseph walks out of the house with his opening piece – a boombox as his friends cheer him on. Ms Oh tells Ji-eun that Theirry has entrusted Audrey to manage the launch of his brand, Earline in South Korea under the name – Earline J.

Ji-eun gives the rest of the staff a run-down of what is in store for them in the future. At the same time, Joseph is starting to lose hope in his show because he is still not able to finalise any of the designs. Esther tries to cheer him up with some pep talk and coffee. Woo-min’s colleague asks him about what he plans to do with his career and he states that he would like to be a full-time street photographer.

Ji-eun is very busy with work and Woo-min worries that she is not resting well. Woo-min tells her that he plans on being a street photographer and shocks her when he mentions that he would be going abroad to pursue his passion. Ji-eun is relieved when Woo-min clarifies that he would only be visiting different cities around the world during fashion week.

Do-young gives Woo-min a distress call and both he and Ji-eun rush to help him. Turns out it was a joke and Do-young wanted to share positive news stating that he had bagged the opportunity to walk for the Seoul Collection. Ji-eun hands Chae-young passes for the Earline J show and Woo-min congratulates Do-young. Woo-min walks Ji-eun home and the couple are being romantic with each other.

Meanwhile, the director at Seon-ho’s photoshoot for Young-seo is a meanie who insults the other models with her. Seon-ho takes a stand for the models but the director lashes out at her. Kang-woo defends his girlfriend by spilling coffee on the director and thanks his assistant for capturing the director’s behaviour on tape for future use.

The day of Earline J’s opening show approached but Ji-eun and her team still haven’t been able to find Joseph. Ji-eun leaves to go look for him at his showroom. Joseph is sulking about not having his showstopper piece with the fashion show being the following day. Ji-eun tells him to focus on the outfit stating that she already had the opening show sorted. She had somehow managed to get Theirry to show up to introduce Joseph’s artwork at the opening show.

Theirry is more than happy to introduce Joseph and does so with a video of Joseph working on his styles. The four friends cheer Joseph up and he is finally inspired enough to make the showstopper outfit. It is finally the day of the show and everyone is working at top speed. Woo-min finally makes it to the venue and gets put on backstage duty as a photographer.

Seon-ho is getting a lot of traction from all the models who love her confidence off lately. The event is attended by the who’s who of the fashion industry and JD shows up too asking to get a photo with Theirry. Woo-min gets busy photographing the models getting ready but Joseph is perplexed because Esther hasn’t gotten his showstopper outfit yet.

Ji-eun rushes to help Esther but runs into Nam-jin. They catch up and hold a comfortable conversation as colleagues. Esther and Ji-eun rush backstage with the final outfit and Ji-eun tells him that it was time for Joseph to open the show. Joseph explains that he needed to get Seon-ho fitted in the outfit and would not be able to open the show.

Ji-eun decides that Woo-min was their only capable model who could walk down the ramp. The show starts with Woo-min walking down with the boombox, opening the show as a message from all four friends starts to play. In the voice note, the four are talking about their dreams for the years to come as they promise to stay together through and through.

The Fabulous Ending Explained

The show starts an the models walk down the ramp in Joseph’s designs with Seon-ho walking down in the stunning showstopper in the end. Joseph himself walks out in the end with a loud cheer and roaring applause waiting for him. The group goes for an afterparty at a club but Ji-eun finds Joseph crying by himself.

Joseph explains that he was only happy and was crying because he was elated by what he has achieved. At the club, Ji-eun is stopped by the representative of the fashion house named – Infashion which is in charge of 60% of the leading luxury brands. They are offering Ji-eun to work for them and she is excited about the offer.

The celebration at the club goes wild with Theirry as well as the other guests joining as everyone dances together. The next morning, all the guests are drunk out of their minds wondering how to get back home. Joseph has a plan and it is Mrs Jang who shows up with a bus to collect his party and drop them off at their respective destinations. Joseph looks at the lone person waiting to get onto the bus and it is the same guy he spotted at the park a few days ago.

The guy sits beside Joseph on the bus and asks the designer to follow him on Instagram. In a montage we see all the characters following their dreams while Nam-hee writes her editorial for her magazine. Joseph’s work at Earline J is also getting a lot of public recognition while Seon-ho convinces Hye-na to follow her dream and continue her pursuit of being a model.

Woo-min and Ji-eun take a romantic walk down a park where she tells him she was going to join a different company soon. The epilogue shows all four friends walking together as they state how they have finally gotten to the place where they have all achieved their dreams.

Joseph says he finally has an atelier working with Earline, Seon-ho states she is going to model for different collections in New York, Paris and Milan. Woo-min states that he got a call from Vogue and Ji-eun’s dream of being a busy woman in the world of fashion is fulfilled when she gets a call from Ms Oh, stopping her mid-sentence.

The Episode Review

The Fabulous has finally ended and from the looks of it, I don’t see a second season coming any time soon. The show is really a feel-good series and can be enjoyed without the stress of plot twists or cliffhangers. From the looks of it, the show is really an attempt at showing fans the inner workings of the fashion industry and The Fabulous did just that.

I am not totally satisfied with the conflict in the show and I feel it was rather bland making the show a less-intriguing watch for me personally. The summing up of the drama was really great and I enjoyed every bit of Theirry on screen. Do-young was a treat too in the initial episodes but his clingy nature turned out to be a buzzkill by the end.

Choi Minho as Woo-min was a total kill for me and I really loved the chemistry he shared with Chae Soo-bin’s Ji-eun however I feel that Nam-jin deserves justice so there needs to be a longer version of this show, riddled with more conflict that we can all binge on.

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