The Devil’s Hour – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Half Of Ourselves We Have Lost” Recap & Review

The Half Of Ourselves We Have Lost

Episode 5 of The Devil’s Hour starts with Gideon heading back to his basement and waking up a man named Connor, whom he’s cable-tied down. Apparently he’s the key to changing things and he implores the guy to get in the chair across the room.

Meanwhile, police arrive at Bella and Ravi’s place and find the place a bloodbath. It was Aiden. He showed up in retaliation to what happened at Mia’s, and Ravi is absolutely crushed when he finds out. Despite one of the other officers telling him he doesn’t need to check the crime scene, Ravi puts on his headphones and decides to head in, seeing the devastating scene for himself. He immediately breaks down and starts crying.

Isaac is brought to see Sylvia, where he admits he can also see the birds that she can fluttering outside. Sylvia also brings up how there’s a man called Roger sitting in the corner of the room, but apparently he can’t communicate nor see them. Sylvia goes on to mention that he’s still holding on and encourages him to take that circular pin we’ve seen before, which apparently stops him from losing his grip on reality.

At therapy, Isaac clings to the trinket Sylvia gave and refuses to let up, lashing out and showing a rare bout of anger. On the way home, Lucy almost runs over Meredith on the road again. Only… it doesn’t seem to be her as when they arrive at the Warren’s place, she’s there playing. L;ucy gets spooked, apologizes, and heads home.

Once there, Ravi shows up outside, completely distraught after his partner’s murder. “Is this my fault?” Lucy asks. She points out how Aiden Stenner was supposed to die that night and for some reason it didn’t happen, so it would appear that the reality of the situation has shifted.

Speaking of reality, Lucy has another bizarre dream, this time of her showing up to see Gideon in prison, some time in the future. Realizing the name is Gideon Shepherd, simply from the dreams, Lucy immediately searches online and finds a news story about Gideon stabbing his father. Lucy believes this is the guy they’re after, and the name has just come to her. He disappeared in 1967 after stabbing his father to death. She rings Ravi to let him know but hasn’t phoned for permission – she wants some company to talk to his brother, Malcolm, whom they’ve found the contact details for.

The pair head off together and speaking to Malcolm, they confirm the Red Nissan lead. The car belonged to Gideon. Malcolm also has a voice message from him too, confirming that he’s the first one he saved and believes Malcolm has led a good life. That voice recording includes a train tooting its horn in the background, while the message itself was recorded at 1.23am. This narrows down the possible places it could have been recorded considerably.

As Ravi wishes her a good job and teases her over what great detective work she conducts, Lucy leans over and kisses him… and immediately experiences strange flashes to a wedding.

Although Ravi follows protocol with this recording, realizing it’s just going to get stuck on a desk somewhere higher up prompts him to take action. He rings Lucy, telling her that he’s found Gideon’s location. There’s an abandoned repair yard outside Melwood. This location fits the timings on the message, and Ravi decides to go there himself and stop him. The thing is, Lucy knows this won’t end well, having seen flashes of his dead body at a crime scene just prior to this.

As Lucy grips the steering wheel, she flashes to having a wedding ring on. And inside the altar, she’s marrying Ravi… and Nick and Bella are both still alive and in attendance too.

Anyway, back in our timeline for now and Ravi shows up at the trainyard and begins sniffing around. Broken glass litters the floor, while deeper in the dilapidated building he finds a room full of pictures and newspaper clippings. Following a hole in the wall, he finds Connor sitting tied to a chair. A bucket of rotting flesh beside him and a horrific video on TV. He’s been there for a while but he doesn’t know for how long.

Ravi tries to lead him out, intent on saving the man’s life. He opens the door, encouraging Connor to get out and run away. As he cycles round to the front and runs, Gideon shoots him dead with his rifle out the window. As for Ravi, he stays inside and decides to blindside Gideon. The thing is, he’s ready for Ravi and points out he’s had this fight before and knows he won’t win. He nonchalantly shrugs off every blow, instinctively knowing exactly how he’s going to attack. He tells Ravi to stay down but he does no such thing.

Gideon smacks him repeatedly in the nose, apologizing and knocking him out long enough so he can make a quick getaway. However, he doesn’t anticipate Lucy Chambers smashing into the side of his car and knocking him out. Lucy steps out the car, complete with a busted lip, and phones an ambulance.

Back home, Lucy has a breakthrough with Isaac and they share a surprising laugh together. When Mike shows up with a hot dish, it completely breaks up the mood. Following that, Ravi phones and confirms that Gideon has been detained but won’t talk to anyone but Lucy. And this catches us up to the timeline we’ve been following since the start of the season.

Now everything makes sense, as Gideon was referring to “the chaos” as Aiden killing Nick and Bella. It turns out Gideon killed his father because he murdered him first. It catches Ravi and Lucy completely off-guard, as Gideon composes himself and suggests they record what he’s going to say next.

The Episode Review

While The Devil’s Hour has more than a few similarities with Shining Girls, I’d actually say the execution here is far more effective and works better. There’s a really nice ebb and flow to this chapter, with an eerie undercurrent of tension hanging over this as Gideon’s story starts to come into focus.

The more episodes tick by, the more you get feeling that Isaac is wholly connected to absolutely everything going on. Not only that but with Mike acting the way that he is, it’s like a ticking timebomb just waiting to explode and Isaac could well do so against him.

Either way, this final chapter should hopefully give us some much-needed answers over exactly what’s going on here.

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