The Devil’s Hour – Season 1 Episode 4 “After The Storm” Recap & Review

After The Storm

Episode 4 of The Devil’s Hour starts with Ravi and Nick questioning Isaac about what happened. Isaac points out that he was taken out the room by a man. We know this isn’t Gideon but in fact, Mr Warren. He was picked up by an officer in a black car who promised him that everything would be okay. And that man? Ravi Dhillon himself.

Back in the interrogation room, Gideon explains that he has a better perception of time and clarity of reality than Lucy or Ravi. He pre-empts what Ravi is going to say and continues on by mentioning a man by the name of an 18 year old called Aiden Stenner. His mum, Kate, notices Lucy snapping pictures and immediately confronts her. Only, Lucy suddenly stops her and restrains the woman forcefully, calming her down and stunning her colleague. When Lucy lets go, she has no idea how she managed to do that.

Meanwhile, we get our first glance of Gideon away from the handcuffs. He sits on a park bench and tells the lady next to him not to move a second. Having earlier in the scene made some sugar water, he feeds the dying bee that lands on the floor and explains that making something better makes him feel good. That’s probably just as well as he ran over a dog 2 weeks ago and then reversed over its head to make sure it was dead. This is enough to spook the woman, as she hurries off.

Ravi heads over to Lucy’s place and questions her over how she knew about Slade. Lucy awkwardly mentions how she seems to have the memories of this already. Instead of Dr Bennett looking at her with disdain, Ravi is actually interested to hear what she says. He points out that some of the details for these cases are wrong, including girls being pulled out of water. There’s definite chemistry between Ravi and Lucy, but eventually the pair part ways. Just before, Lucy points out that Aiden case she’s dealing with and the feeling that something isn’t quite right with it.

Speaking of which, Isaac continues to slip in and out of these two realities, which explains why he’s been completely out of it lately. While laying the table, he notices all the Warren family around him doing the same thing, setting the table and smiling. As for Ravi, he checks the notebook scribbles again and this time notices that the name Aiden has been written down.

Isaac is taken to see Dr Bennett the following day, where they discuss the watch. After bringing up how it broke, Isaac goes on to mention that he went to stay in the house alone for several days. He also mentions how he’s cold too.

While watching Aiden’s house, intent on sussing out any trouble, Nick notices an assault taking place and jumps in to try and gain an arrest. He underestimates just how many people there are inside and ends up getting attacked with a machete. When Ravi jumps in to save him, they manage to stop the attackers and bag themselves an arrest too.

Given the carnage that ensued, Ravi and Nick come under investigation but manage to avoid further action with corroborated stories, claiming they used reasonable force.

That night, Lucy wakes up at 3.33am as usual, but this time finds Isaac banging his head against the headboard. He too has been having bad dreams. Mike has been making more of an effort with Isaac and babysits him that afternoon while Lucy is out. It’s awkward and contrived, and Mike doesn’t have much patience. In fact, he immediately questions Isaac over whether he feels hungry or thirsty, eventually slamming the plate down and splashing sauce all down Isaac’s top. He barely cares and continues to eat.

As for Lucy, she heads off to follow a lead and find Aiden. At Speed Kings Go Karts after-hours, she finds Aiden and a number of other youths too, telling them they need to leave. She even offers to pay them $200 to do so. When a car shows up, it stops for several minutes before leaving. It seems like Aiden’s killer has left, and as a result Lucy has changes this reality and saved a life.

Back in the interrogation room, Gideon points out that everything s connected. Lucy’s memories, everything that will happen and has happened is all intricately tied between this trio. He doesn’t know what’s happened to Isaac, apparently, but does know what effect Aiden’s life has on others.

Ravi chases down the killer’s car but unfortunately loses signal with Nick en-route. Even worse, he notices the car stopped in the middle of the road. Gideon steps out and tells Ravi he’s not supposed to be there. “I’ve never killed you before, I’d rather keep it that way.” Gideon says, pointing out that with Aiden Stenner alive, someone else is going to die as a result. It would appear as if Gideon has redone this timeline before but the truth is being obscured right now.

Gideon goes on to mention “what happened after the storm” and how the chaos that ensued was not his fault but in fact, all Ravi and Lucy’s doing for changing things. There’s something bigger going on here, and that much is especially true when we see Aiden talking to a guy called Mr A about getting revenge and killing, in retaliation for the gang bust.

As the episode closes out, Nick places down his mug next to his alarm clock on his bedside table and tells Bella, his wife, he loves her. And this scene is eerily similar. Why? Well, it’s the blood-spattered crime scene from the opening parts of this episode. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

A slower episode of The Devil’s Hour sees the story given a bit more intrigue and investigative prowess as we see how Gideon slots into all of this. It would appear that he’s not the killer we’ve been led to believe but infact, more like a time traveler who has been somehow going back and trying to stop something catastrophic from happening. Don’t quote me on that though as it’s not 100% confirmed!

However, The Devil’s Hour is still a really gripping watch and despite this being the slowest chapter of the four episode so far, it’s still tense and includes some big, stand-out moments. What will happen next? Who’s coming out of this alive? We’ll have to wait and see!

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