The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Karte 12: I Wanted To Be Seen

Episode 12 of The Dangers In My Heart begins with Kyotaro and his family visiting the New Year Temple event. Kyotaro plans to make up an excuse for his family to leave somewhere. This will allow him to meet up with Yamada in an hour. Unfortunately, his mother spots Yamada waiting for him, surprising Kyotaro.

Kyotaro’s sister Kana tells Kyotaro to say “hi” to Yamada, but he knows she wants to stand by and watch. Yamada spots Kyotaro with his family and introduces herself to them. They head for a temple to make their wishes alone, and Yamada helps Kyotaro out with it since his arm’s broken. As they head over to Kyotaro’s family, Yamada asks Kyotaro about his wish. Although he didn’t get a chance to make a wish, Kyotaro says he wished for things to stay the same. Yamada bids everyone farewell while Kyotaro plots to meet up with her again soon. Kana praises Kyotaro for his maturity in the situation. Before they head to another location, Kana grabs Kyotaro and attempts to catch up with Yamada to make a better first impression.

Kana and Kyotaro find Yamada eating food. Kana asks Yamada if she’d like to visit their home, and Yamada accepts. As they walk to their place, Kana realizes Yamada may have bought food for Kyotaro and thinks he has a solid chance with her. At Kyotaro’s home, Yamada removes her jacket and shoes, and Kyotaro notices she has his keychain on. He’s worried Kana will see it because of the lie he told her in a previous episode. Kyotaro tries grabbing the keychain from Yamada’s waist, and Kana thinks Kyotaro’s putting the moves on Yamada.

Kana asks Kyotaro what she should call Yamada, and Yamada plays along with it to embarrass Kyotaro. Kana shares her yearbook with the Yamada and Kyotaro. Kyotaro’s shocked she whipped hers out, so she grabs his yearbook and shows it to Yamada. Yamada flips through the book and looks at all of Kyotaro’s photos. Yamada asks if she has photos of Kyotaro at the school outdoor excursion event, but Kana reveals Kyotaro didn’t go. Kana tells Yamada she has to go meet up with friends, but asks Yamada to stay with Kyotaro since they have leftover soup.

Kyotaro hides behind the door to eavesdrop on Kana’s conversation with Yamada. Kana thanks Yamada for being close friends with Kyotaro. Yamada asks Kana if she can call her her sister, surprising Kana. Kana leaves as Yamada enters the living room. Kyotaro plans to remove the albums, but Yamada follows him to his room. Yamada prattles on about how cute and friendly Kana is and grabs the album from his hands. Yamada asks him about two boys Kyotaro hung out with during his younger years. Kyotaro confirms they’re named Kinoshita and Takano and says they spent much time together in cram school. Unfortunately, they went to private schools, so he hasn’t spoken to them in a while.

Yamada looks at Kyotaro’s trophies and spots his “Bizarre Crime Files -Murders-” book. Kyotaro explains what it is to her while Yamada thinks it’s neat. Yamada asks Kyotaro if he can read her mind, but Kyotaro says he knows she’s not a murderer. Yamada toys with Kyotaro, and before she can spot his copy of Ciel Magazine, Kyotaro stops her. They get into an intimate situation, resulting in Yamada taking some photos of his yearbook and leaving his room. Before she goes, Yamada promises Kyotaro to show him her yearbook.

We cut to a flashback involving Kyotaro looking upset that his application wasn’t accepted. Although Kinoshita and Takano wanted to hang out with Kyotaro before they start junior high. One day they spot him reading the same murder book Yamada noticed in his room, leading to them abandoning Kyotaro for good. Kyotaro awakens from his dream and chats with his inner self before meeting his family outside. His mother drops him off at school, and Yamada spooks him. Kana asks Yamada to look after Kyotaro since this is his first day back since being hurt. As they walk to class, Yamada asks Kyotaro where his keychain is. Kyotaro shows it to her, and Yamada helps him strap it onto his shirt.

Kyotaro reflects on his past interactions with Yamada. Kyotaro tells Yamada back in year one he never wanted to visit school and even lied about attending events. Now, he likes visiting places and coming to school thanks to her. Yamada says she should be thanking himself because he never would’ve talked with her or anyone else. Yamada picks up his books and Kyotaro reflects on how he used his murder books as armor to protect himself. Yamada hugs Kyotaro, and he thanks her for everything. Yamada hands Kyotaro an empty shrimp snack bag. However, the episode closes with Yamada giving Kyotaro a spare shrimp candy.

The Episode Review

This was a spectacular way to end the first season of The Dangers In My Heart. Despite its rough start, the show managed to pick up near its midway point to deliver a wholesome and romantic journey between its two likeable protagonists. Kyotaro has come a long way since the first chapter and it was great seeing him open up about his emotions to Yamada.

The episode gave viewers a glimpse into his saddening past with his former friends and pinpoints why Yamada is his greatest partner yet. Unlike Kinoshita and Takano, Yamada didn’t mind Kyotaro’s fascination with murder and crime. This will resonate with others who lost friends due to having differing interests that didn’t match up with their buddy’s ideals or hobbies.

Although it would’ve been great if the episode fleshed out Kyotaro’s past with Kinoshita and Takano more, it got its point across on why and how Kyotaro became the person we were introduced to at the series’s start. With news of a season 2 happening, it made sense for Yamada and Kyotaro to not tie the knot regarding their relationship.

However, many viewers may expect them to become a couple near the next season’s finale. It’ll be exciting to see Kyotaro interact with Yamada’s family to see if he can resonate with them as Yamada did with his folks.

In conclusion, this was a great finale for The Dangers In My Heart. It had some outstanding tension, humor, themes, and development for Kyotaro. Hopefully, the next season will give us more development for Yamada and other cast members.

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