The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Karte 11: We’re A Bit Alike

Episode 11 of The Dangers In My Heart begins with Kyotaro at a restaurant with Sekine, Haruya, and someone else. Haruya asks Kyotaro what Yamada has been up to as we see Kyotaro’s arm injury.

We then cut to four days ago, with Kyotaro and his family on their annual trip to Akita. Kyotaro’s upset that he’s stuck sharing a room with his sister. Despite being a usual trend, Kyotaro’s worried his sister will uncover his and Yamada’s close connection. Kyotaro heads outside to take photos of Akita’s snow since he promised Yamada he would send her a photo. Kyotaro trips and his sister finds him hours later in the snow. Kyotaro gets up but notices he’s broken his arm.

After returning from the hospital and having dinner with his folks, Kyotaro sends Yamada a photo of him and his broken arm. Yamada video calls Kyotaro at night and notices Yamada’s wearing her pajamas. Yamada asks Kyotaro about his arm, but he promises it doesn’t hurt. Kyotaro says he’ll be heading home tomorrow.

Kyotaro sees his sister spying on him and Yamada’s conversation. Kyotaro convinces his sister that she’s simply a friend from school and hopes she doesn’t tease him for it. Surprisingly, his sister doesn’t mock him and returns to sleep.

Kyotaro looks at his phone and notices Yamada sent him a message asking him about the situation with his sister and why he stopped the call. Kyotaro tells Yamada that he told her that they’re friends for now, and this makes Yamada happy. Yamada asks Kyotaro if she can call him again, worrying him.

Kyotaro heads into the hallway to continue his conversation with Yamada. She asks Kyotaro to perform some tasks that seem to correlate with themes in the manga she’s reading. They send each other goodnight texts to end the night.

Kyotaro and his family return to Tokyo but stop by an antique shop. He picks up a dog keychain and wants to give it to Yamada. On their car ride, Kyotaro’s sister asks Kyotaro questions about Yamada. Kyotaro realizes how relatable he and his sister are regarding their thinking patterns. Even if his sister may think Yamada is out of Kyotaro’s league, he can’t get her out of his mind. After remembering the note Yamada left for Kyotaro in a previous episode, his sister starts teasing him about his potential interest in Yamada. When they return home, Kyotaro leaves to give Yamada her manga and scarf back, alongside the keychain he bought for her at Akita.

He bumps into Yamada walking her dog, Wantaro. They visit a park, and Kyotaro’s worried that he bought Yamada a bad gift. Yamada asks Kyotaro to give Wantaro some commands, but he doesn’t obey his orders. This results in Yamada performing the actions instead to entice Wantaro to listen to Kyotaro. Her attempts fail, so they give up. Yamada grabs her scarf from Kyotaro’s bag since he wanted to return it to her. Yamada admits she wanted him to keep it, so Kyotaro presents Yamada with the keychain he bought for her in Akita. Yamada thanks Kyotaro for the gift.

Yamada asks Kyotaro if he wants to visit a temple with her on New Year’s Eve. He agrees to go with her, so Yamada plans to text him the details later. Several days later, Kyotaro informs the audience he’s been texting Yamada every day. He visits the nearby mart and spots Sekine and Haruya with another friend.

We then cut to where the episode began, with Haruya attempting to use Kyotaro to get closer to Yamada. Suddenly, Yamada’s name pops up on Kyotaro’s phone, and he realizes Kyotaro was lying about not having her LINE.

Sekine and the other girl leave Kyotaro and Haruya. Haruya sits in front of Kyotaro and demands Yamada’s LINE. Kyotaro refuses to hand over Yamada’s LINE to Haruya, so Sekine steps in and asks Kyotaro to walk her home. Although Haruya says he can walk Sekine home, Sekine says she trusts Kyotaro because they’re friends.

While walking home together, Kyotaro tells Sekine that he thinks he likes Yamada. Sekine already knew he did as they arrive at her place. She asks Kyotaro if he wants to come inside, but he refuses and leaves. He calls Yamada. He tells her “Happy New Year” and hangs up when she tells her Sekine’s inside. The episode closes with Kyotaro vowing to confess his feelings to Yamada one day.

The Episode Review

Although this anime had a rocky start, it’s slowly shifted gears and continues to deliver solid drama, romance, and wholesome content for viewers to enjoy. Kyotaro received excellent development throughout this series. Although he still has weird tendencies, he’s developed more confidence, allowing him to confront problems with integrity.

The circumstance involving him and Haruya were tense and relatable. Many viewers who have been in situations where a close friend’s privacy and safety were in jeopardy will approve of Kyotaro’s decision. Although this will lead to further problems between him and Haruya, Kyotaro did the right thing. Haruya aside, the bit involving Kyotaro and his sister was relatable too.

Many folks who develop close ties with the opposite gender get teased about it by loved ones. It was amusing seeing Kyotaro’s sister egg Kyotaro about it since many people will know how embarrassing it feels to be in that awkward predicament. Hopefully, a future season will have his sister meet Yamada since it could lead to more funny and wholesome antics.

Overall, this was a fabulous episode of The Dangers In My Heart. There were a few visuals and jokes that won’t appeal to many viewers for specific reasons, but it offers some great drama and adorable aspects that’ll warm your heart. Hopefully, the final chapter will deliver a solid conclusion to this arc of the show and give fans hope that another season is on the way.

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