The Cleaning Lady – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 kicks off with a lively celebration as everyone snaps pictures to mark Lucas’ first day of first grade. But Lucas isn’t exactly thrilled, thinking they’re making too big a fuss over it. Thony is happy but also nervous about Lucas’ weak immune system. Fiona, Thony’s sister, tries to reassure her, saying Lucas will be just fine.

Meanwhile, Ramona, Jorge, and Dante are deep in discussion about their plan to rescue Armando. They’ve received an audio recording from the kidnappers to prove Armando is alive and well, but Jorge senses something fishy. As they talk, Ramona reminisces about the past, remembering the days when Armando was just a teenager and the apple of her eye.

She used to shower him with gifts whenever she visited. However, Armando’s father strongly disapproved of their meeting. He believed Ramona’s ties to the cartel and criminals would corrupt his son, turning him into a criminal.

Later on, Ramona reaches out to Nadia, telling her that she will come live with her until Armando is freed. When Nadia questions Ramona’s motives for helping, Ramona explains that she’s not doing it out of charity; she considers Nadia and Armando as her family. However, Nadia politely declines, appreciating the offer but wanting to stay in her own home with Armando.

Ramona pulls some strings to get Armando’s Cadillac out of the impound so she can give it to him as a gift. Jorge spends a few minutes talking business, suggesting that their current approaches are outdated and will lead to the downfall of their empire. “We need to ditch those old routes,” Jorge suggests, but Ramona brushes it off, saying she’ll discuss it further once Armando is back.

Jorge pays a visit to Thony, revealing that he has a plan to get Lucas out of the system so CPS can’t bother him anymore. He also informs Thony that the exchange for Armando is back on, and they’ve heard from the kidnappers again. 

As the episode unfolds, Thony starts to suspect that Dante may have been involved in Armando’s kidnapping. This suspicion arises because, at the time of Dante’s arrest, vials of Devil’s Breath were found in the car— the same substance left behind in the van used to abduct Armando. This poses a huge problem as Dante is Ramona’s right-hand man.

“What if Dante and Jorge are in on Armando’s kidnapping?” Thony wonders. Thony and Fiona go to the address where Dante was arrested and find Armando’s jacket there. After chatting with some kids playing nearby, they learn that Armando is being held in an apartment. However, when they enter the apartment, the kidnappers have already moved Armando.

Thony also accidentally trips over some drug vials and starts to hallucinate after inhaling them. Thony calls Nadia, begging her to tell him where the exchange is happening, but Nadia initially refuses. However, she has a change of heart and eventually shares her location with Thony.

Thony and Jeremy race to catch up to the kidnappers, but things take a tragic turn when the car carrying Armando goes off a cliff.

The Episode Review

That was quite a dramatic cliffhanger! Is Armando really dead? It seems likely, as surviving that fall would be nearly impossible for anyone unless you’re the guy from Krypton. Towards the end, we saw a CGI image of Adan Canto, the actor who portrayed Armando. Sadly, he passed away this year due to appendiceal cancer. It’s probable that this episode and those preceding it were a way to bid him farewell.

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