The Cleaning Lady – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 kicks off with Tony shouldering the blame for Armando’s death. She’s convinced that if she hadn’t acted impulsively and had let Ramona or the FBI handle things, Armando would still be alive. Fiona tries to reason with Tony, telling her that Dante is the real culprit since he was the one who kidnapped Armando, but Tony feels like no one will believe her, and Dante will get away with it.

Meanwhile, Jorge brings Armando’s ashes to the room, where Nadia is overwhelmed with guilt. Jorge tries to console her, saying Armando’s death was an accident during a chase with the feds. Ramona, however, is suspicious about how the feds knew about the exchange. She learns that Nadia texted the location to Tony but when Ramona suspects Tony, Jorge defends her, insisting that Tony was also desperate to find Armando and would never harm him. He assures Ramona that whoever’s responsible for Armando’s death will pay with his life.

Jeremy pays a visit to Thony’s place, checking in on her and asking about their desert chase, but Thony stays tight-lipped. Jeremy also offers to set up some security cameras at Thony’s house, which she agrees to.

Later, Thony tries to attend Armando’s funeral, but Jorge advises against it, warning that Ramona is pointing fingers at Thony for Armando’s death. Despite the caution, Thony decides to go anyway. At the funeral, Thony has a civil chat with Nadia, but things take a turn when Nadia accuses Thony of ruining her relationship with Armando.

Thony sits down with Ramona, trying to clear the air and convince her that she has nothing to do with calling the feds or Armando’s death. She subtly brings up the idea that maybe Dante made a deal with the FBI to save himself. Although Ramona believes Dante is loyal, Thony’s suggestion plants a seed of doubt. It’s then revealed that Ramona and Dante are romantically involved.

Meanwhile, Jorge starts to suspect Nadia of tipping off the feds. He catches her burning something in her office, which raises his suspicions further. Jorge then shares a heart-to-heart with Nadia, opening up about how he coped with his own wife’s death. He also apologizes to Nadia for suspecting her.  

Thony tells Jorge about Dante getting busted for having devil’s breath drugs, suggesting maybe he was behind Armando’s kidnapping. Jorge takes the info to Ramona, but she’s still not buying that Dante had a hand in Armando’s death.

Things take a turn when Dante pulls a gun on Thony and forces her into the service elevator. Soon, Ramona and Jorge show up and shoot Dante dead, calling him out as a liar and a traitor. She then orders Thony to clean up the blood. Fiona also shows up and pleads with Thony to come home, but Thony refuses,  saying she has to clean up the blood. Fiona has no choice but to pitch in and help Thony scrub away the evidence. 

After finishing the cleanup, Thony heads upstairs to confront Ramona, ready to put their feud to rest, but when she arrives, she overhears Eduardo (Armando’s father) in a heated argument with Jorge and Ramona. Eduardo blames them and Nadia for Armando’s death, calling Ramona “Marina.”

This catches Thony’s attention because Armando had written the name “Marina” on the table before he was taken away by his kidnappers, suggesting that Marina, or rather Ramona, might have been involved in his abduction and death. It starts to make sense why Ramona killed Dante—maybe to silence him and keep her secret safe.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 was a rollercoaster for everyone. Jorge arriving with Armando’s ashes makes it crystal clear that Armando is gone for good unless the show takes an absurd turn into sci-fi or horror by bringing him back to life.

Initially, we thought Dante was the mastermind behind Armando’s kidnapping, but after the revelations of episode 7, it seems like he was just a pawn in Ramona’s bigger game. What if Ramona is the real kidnapper? But why? She’s supposed to be Armando’s loving aunt. The series has told us this much, so what’s the real story? Maybe we’ll find out in the next episode!

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