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The Boys – Season 3 Episode 6 “Herogasm” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Boys Season 3 starts with a dig at that ridiculously out of touch “Imagine” sung by those celebrities during COVID. This lovely bit of satire paves way for Deep checking the CCTV footage and notices Soldier Boy is back. Homelander is there too and he eventually decides to kill Soldier Boy, burying everything.

As we’ve seen from flashbacks, Black Noir used to have close ties with him and immediately heads out on his own. After cutting out his tracking chip, Homelander realizes his old buddy has gone and is shocked, especially when Deep feeds back what the guy’s plan actually is.

Meanwhile, Butcher and Hughie sweeten the deal with Soldier Boy, giving him alcohol and pills. Although Soldier Boy does agree to take out Homelander, he’ll only do this if the pair help him track down the rest of his team.

At Vought HQ though, there’s a really nice moment where A-Train heads in and asks Ashley to get justice for Blue Hawk’s actions. Ashley points out his hypocrisy and eventually curses him.

Kimiko is taken out of the game too, attacked in the hospital and tied up in an abandoned warehouse. Nina makes Frenchie choose who should die, although the latter manages to break free and kills everyone aside from Nina, who manages to get away. Although Kimiko claims she’s a monster, Frenchie convinces her that this isn’t the case.

Meanwhile, Victoria Neuman speaks to Annie in private and talks about Hughie. Specifically how she knows he’s probably avoiding her over the whole head-popping-Supe malarkey. Victoria claims to be one of the good guys and tries to strike a deal with her.

Victoria wants Annie to “lend some influence” so she can get her education reform bill passed. In exchange, she’ll protect her from Homelander.

Starlight refuses, unwilling to work for another nut-job. There’s a slight bit of tension here – especially when Annie gets a nosebleed – but the woman does eventually leave.

Everyone converges at “herogasm” which happens to be a crazy orgy featuring plenty of C-list Supes, something that’s a yearly tradition for these people.

Among those in attendance happens to be The Deep who arrived just before MM and Annie. Termite is here too, while Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie happen to be watching from afar. Their target, of course, are “the twins”, or TNT as they’re known as.

When Hughie shows up to try and find them, he ends up bumping into A-Train. Although the latter does actually apologize for what happened to Robin back in episode 1, Hughie’s anger is too much and punches him in the face.

They don’t have time for this squabbling right now, which is something Annie is quick to point out when she jumps in. Hughie teleports her outside, pointing out that he wanted to save her. Annie is shocked, especially when she learns Hughie has always had a problem with their power imbalance, and it leaves the fate of their relationship hanging in the balance.

Back inside the house, Soldier Boy shows up looking for the Twins. MM is livid when he sees the guy and wants to fight, but Butcher stops him. Instead, MM gets his anger out on his former partner, who’s all powered up and shrugs off the blows.

Soldier Boy confronts TNT (Tommy and Tessa) who blame Noir for what happened in Nicaragua. He eventually manifests his powers and destroys the house. There’s blood and guts everywhere, although A-Train decides to get some retribution in the wake of all this and uses his Super Speed to completely destroy Blue Hawk. Unfortunately, A-Train also ends up having a heart attack in the process, and collapses on the floor.

Step forward Homelander. He touches down, destroying Termite with a single crunch from his boot, and ends up squaring off against Soldier Boy. With the pair fighting one another, Annie convinces MM not to fight as well, as they need to save the others inside the house. Butcher and Hughie though, turn the tide of battle, getting involved as well.

Eventually they pin Homelander down, as Soldier Boy uses his powers and looks set to explode… but Homelander manages to get away before that happens.

Homelander’s retreat sees him back at Vought HQ, staring at himself in the mirror and contemplating his next move. Annie – upon watching all these dead bodies lined up on the street outside Herogasm – decides to film a livestream outing Homelander and claiming Soldier Boy is back. She also quits being part of The Seven too, unwilling to go through with Vought’s lies anymore and prepared to face whatever consequences may be coming her way.

The Episode Review

Herogasm definitely lives up to its name, as this crazy hour of TV sees a mix of blood, guts, emotion and fighting combine in this episode. The three-on-one fight with Homelander is a great touch at the end, doing well to showcase just how strong Homelander actually is and how difficult it’s going to be to keep him down.

How will Homelander react to retreating as well? Will he start to lose control? What’s going on with Noir? And what about that message Annie put out? All of this combines to make for a really tantalizing glimpse at what could be to pass later in the season, with a lot of fighting and even more questions brought to the table.

Ultimately, The Boys has been a real thrill ride this year and this could just be the best episode of the season so far.

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  1. The first time I watched the episode and saw Homelander in front of the mirror I just assumed he was plotting with his invisible friend, but then I noticed he had something that he never saw before, a bruise on his cheek, and so I have to think he is realizing that he isn’t invincible, and likely was seconds away from dying.

  2. They improved the sauce to make Homelander. This show is F*’*&$f’ awesome! I just started watching it last week. I am a huge Supernatural and Walking Dead fan. I try not to over analyze these shows too much, you just suck the fun out of it. Sit back and enjoy!

  3. I give HEROGASM a 5 only because Soldier Boy should’ve won the fight since he’s stronger than Homelander. My question is why did it take Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie to come up against Homelander. Hughie by the way does not have strength his power is teleportation. MM is crazy thinking he could actually go up against Soldier Boy. That was just stupid. The other parts of HEROGASM was just typical. I mean it says it all in the title people. Now Annie done went and caused more chaos for her and perhaps Hughie. Soldier Boy just pissed me off not beating Homelander.

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