The Big Door Prize – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of The Big Door Prize begins with Izzy checking out Freya’s profile online before warming herself up in her studio. After her workout, she makes a spur of the moment decision for them to meet up for lunch. And Freya agrees!

Elsewhere, Nat starts to work through her debt issues and tries to work with Giorgio for the best way of moving forward. However, Dusty is staying at Girgio’s place for the time being. And as for Cass, she’s now going to be working at the restaurant. Things are awkward, especially as Trina isn’t speaking to him anymore and she even passed her driving test last month… and she never told Dusty. Awkward! So Dusty gets a lift from Trina but he’s nervous and he ends up making a fool of himself at school.

When Dusty shows to see the school play for Our Town, he smiles awkwardly when things take a drastic turn. Father Reuben gets involved, with a scene rewritten with a bit more violence. And all of this ends up with Dusty being slammed on the ground.

Elsewhere, Walter finds himself practicing his magic and doing a rather poor job of it. He’s padlocked up behind the counter and he’s struggling to break free. Izzy helps him up, and mentions her Morpho card. Apparently it just showed her getting in the car and driving off ad-infinitum. She’s not sure what this means but things take a bad turn at the restaurant. You see, Izzy shows up with Freya at Giorgio’s for lunch and who should be her server? Yep, it’s Cass. 

Cass immediately marches to the table and puts her foot down, lashing out at Izzy and calling her toxic. It’s incredibly embarrassing and awkward for her but Freya is okay with it. One positive here is that this date helps Izzy confront her past. It turns out she tried to leave Cass once when she was young, which explains her Morpho machine vision. Izzy now understands what her vision means, and we see the context a lot clearer too. Specifically, we see the animation with Izzy smiling on her way out of town and one word – “continue?” – cutting on in the middle.

Freya listens and points out that she made her choice and stayed. Stayed for Cass perhaps? Freya admits she doesn’t want any bullshit but just wants someone to be there, and this bit of honesty sees the pair decide to leave. When they do, Cass confronts her past and realizes that, even as a 39 year old, she’s continuously blaming her mum for her woes and perhaps it’s time for her to stop.

Cass puts her foot down at the restaurant and it earns Giorgio’s respect. In fact, her great serving skills and ideas earn her (and hopefully Xander too) a promotion. At the same time, Freya notices that there are towels covering up the mirror in the corner of the studio and she knows Izzy has body issues. This bit of vulnerability attracts Freya and the pair end up kissing.

The Episode Review

Seeing this side of Izzy is definitely not on our bingo card this season but it’s a welcome inclusion as it helps to understand more of her character and background. It’s particularly nice to see the way this intertwines with a long-running theme that’s been ongoing with this show since the beginning, and that’s Izzy and Cass’ estranged relationship.

With all of this going on, the Dusty and Cass situation is put on the backburner, so instead he finds himself with Trina, and that side of things hints at a deeper side of this self-ploration which I’m guessing will be drawing to an end soon.

The show continues to deliver compelling drama, although some of these episodes aren’t quite as good as others that have come before.

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  1. What is the song that starts right as Izzy leaves the store w/the owner chained up? Then the song continues in the background when Trina, Dusty, & her friend are all driving in the car to school?!

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