The Bear – Season 2 Episode 4 “Honeydew” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of The Bear’s new season begins with another sequence hyper-glazed with precise chaos and a big announcement. Remember how everyone noticed Sugar was looking increasingly pale in episode 2? It turns out that she is pregnant. She only wants to tell Carmy for now. Sugar is both excited and nervous at the prospect of starting a family. But inadvertently, everyone in The Bear learns the news as another wall is taken down and that is the exact moment she blurts it out.

Marcus has accepted the offer to go to Copenhagen. He bids goodbye to his mother but is nervous to leave her alone. His objective is to learn three new desserts that they will incorporate at the restaurant.

A boat is his new home for the next few weeks. He will be working under a British chef named Luca (played by guest star Will Poulter), who is almost the same age as him but has years more experience. The difference in their confidence and maturity is quite visible. Luca doesn’t seem to be an abrasive person. He shows the right mix of patience and sternness to be a good teacher to Marcus. He doesn’t call Marcus “Chef” at the beginning, but since Marcus keeps repeating it, Luca starts calling him “Chef” as time flies by.

Marcus makes many mistakes in his attempts to learn new dishes. He tries to experience new food from the city and figure out how it was made, just like Sydney. Marcus is seen calling his mother and talking to her, although she cannot respond. The other call he gets from Chicago isn’t pleasing. Fak calls him and shows him on camera how the restaurant has failed the fire-suppression test. This will ensure that they are not able to operate gas at the moment. Couple that with Sugar’s revelation that their new permit was rejected, and things aren’t looking good for The Bear. But to be honest; when have they ever?

Luca and Marcus have grown closer and more respectful over the weeks. While preparing a dessert, they discuss each other’s lives. Luca is from London and has been baking since a really young age. He also has advice for Marcus. “Always surround yourself with good people” to rub shoulders with the best to understand where you stand in the competitive landscape. Luca tried to compete with a chef by opening a bakery right next to him because he thought he was the better chef. But Luca discovered that the other chef outworked and outsold him, bringing him to the realisation that he wasn’t the best and that he could live with that reality.

Marcus reveals he used to work for a telecom company before he came into the service industry. He was also an outside linebacker in junior college but didn’t find good prospects there. His mother was diagnosed with a life expectancy of two years due to her illness. But it has been four years since that diagnosis. Marcus helps an injured man that night, who had a bad accident near the streets.

While talking to Sydney, Marcus reveals that he is enjoying his time in Copenhagen but worries about his mother back home. Somehow, he feels guilty that he has left all his problems unattended and is himself having an exciting stay. The episode ends with Marcus trying to make a new dessert he learned during his stay and liking the taste of it.

The Episode Review

Will Poulter’s serious guest appearance brought a breath of fresh air to the palette of this show. And away from all the chaos of the renovation works and a bustling Chicago, Marcus and the viewers found safe haven in scenic Copenhagen. It is a gorgeous city that has its own ball and chain rhythm.

Marcus has been on an upward trajectory ever since the beginning of things. His character’s arc has steadily conquered new territories and is heading to a good place. This episode was all about him exploring a new city, meeting his new mentor, and learning valuable life lessons. Oh, and some amazing dessert dishes were on display as well.


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  1. This episode was fantastic and hit all the right beats emotionally. The Marcus and Luca scenes were perfection in the understated simplicity in delivery. This show is always remarkable and top level, but this episode really raised the bar.

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