The A List – Season 2 Episode 1 “A Second Chance” Recap & Review

A Second Chance

Episode 1 of The A-List Season 2 picks up with Mia in therapy. She’s brushed it all aside and claims everything from Peregrine Island was a lie. But was it really? Flashbacks reveal Mia being grabbed and taken away by figures in biohazard suits.

Alex meanwhile, is being kept at a facility along with a few of our familiar faces from the previous season. That drone symbol can be seen up on the walls while it turns out they’re all in quarantine.

Dev is still out in the forest on the island. He’s clearly hung up over Mia, but it’s been six weeks since the incident on the island and he’s aged quite a bit. However, Amber suddenly shows up. Given there are patrols out to get him, she proposes a truce. He, of course, flatly rejects.

Back in quarantine, our characters (minus Mia of course) contemplate whether to break out or not. The group have been separated, with Petal kept isolated from everyone else.

Mia receives an ominous call, telling her to follow the map if she wants the truth about Peregrine Island. When she follows the signal she comes across a familiar face. It’s Dave! He claims this is a big cover-up, with those in Amber’s inner-circle kept in quarantine.

Teaming up with Harry, the pair head inside the hospital ready to bust Petal out. However, she’s already been broken out by the kids who formulate a plan to stage a fight back. Unfortunately the kids are split up once more, with Luka stuck inside the facility. Dev is captured though, but he’s brought straight to Amber.

Mia and Petal eventually reconvene and break out…but there’s a problem. It turns out the others are still on Peregrine Island and they’re being kept in a facility called the Lockwell Institute. Guess who else is at the facility? Midge.

The Episode Review

The A-List is back and much like the latter half of last season, the show continues to deliver its mystery with lots of twists and turns along the way.

Some time has passed since the first season released and the acting has improved – mildly – along with clearer character motivations too. Dev’s sudden difference in looks is a little eyebrow raising, especially given the six weeks that have passed. Then again, it’s worth bearing in mind that this show did come out back in 2018 originally.

The little twist at the end regarding the facility and it being on the island is a lovely touch and one that helps to keep things interesting.

There are a lot of moving parts here and it looks like season 2 is going to be an improvement over what we’ve seen before. Let’s hope that theory holds up though as we prepare for a twisty-turny amount of drama to come!

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