The A List – Season 2 Episode 2 “You Don’t Remember Me” Recap & Review

You Don’t Remember Me

Episode 2 of The A-List Season 2 begins with Mia meeting Petal and Harry as they prepare to get a boat across to Peregrine Island. Their cover story is that they’re environmentalists. Is it enough to fool the ship’s captain, Mr Sutherland? Yes, it is. However, they’re also joined by a new passenger, an actual environmentalist by the name of Fitz.

Meanwhile, security at Lockwell is tightened up as those left inside are forced to wear tracking devices. Behind the scenes, scientists work together and realize Midge’s animosine levels are decreasing by staying in contact with Dev in the room opposite. Off the back of this, Dr haw realizes this should be their new strategy..

This sees Midge immediately reintroduced to the group. She sits with them and opens up. She mentions the messages on the tree branches and how she was reaching out all this time. One way or another, they need to stop Amber.

Back on the island, the kids split up. Fitz is part of their group now and he heads off with Harry. Out in the wilderness though, they bump into Jenna who tags along too.

Elsewhere, Mia bumps into Amber who agrees to take her to the Institute. According to Amber, that’s where all the answers are. Begrudgingly, she agrees to tag along.

Somehow Amber can still communicate with Midge though and with weird symbols all over the place, claims Midge belongs to the island. And just like that, Midge finds herself in the pool surrounded by symbols on the walls and petals strewn across the water.

The Episode Review

The A-List returns with an episode that deepens the mystery, allowing the characters to slip into their roles nicely. Brendan is an obvious omission from the series but this new character, Fitz, seems like he’s there to replace him in the ranks.

Characterization for the supporting cast has been one of the bigger problems with the series as a whole and hopefully that will be addressed this time around. There’s still the superficial drama seeping in (Kayleigh rushing off in a huff from Zac) but hopefully the attention remains squarely on the mystery itself this time around.

Either way, these symbols and the whole Amber/Midge drama keeps the focus front and center on the story, leaving things wide open for where this one may go next.

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