The Afterparty – Season 1 Episode 3 “Yasper” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of The Afterparty starts with Aniq and Yasper formulating a plan to find out who the killer is. How? Well, they’re going to get all the other partygoers to write diarrhoea and figure out who the backward Es belong to.

Yasper also reveals that he’s the one who set up the hidden camera, and is quick to tell Culp and Danner as much. Only, Culp accidentally deletes all the footage.

With Culp left with Aniq and the others, it’s Yasper’s turn to tell his side of the story to Danner. With a musical tinge, this bouncy story lets Yasper take the spotlight.

His music has a rapping edge, including the whole place erupting into song as the reunion gets underway. Now, Yasper spent a lot of time with Xavier that night, hustling and trying to get him to “bless” his track. In layman terms, this is when a big-name rapper stars on an up and coming artist’s track. Xavier isn’t exactly thrilled about this, but impatiently agrees when he notices Zoe has left with Aniq, hurrying off to catch up.

Yasper continues to remain fixated on the blessing, showing up at the afterparty and waiting for Xavier to message back. After Aniq passed out, Ned was the one who started writing on his face, at least kicking things off anyway by drawing a mustache.

Xavier eventually does message back, after the argument with Brett, telling him to meet in the studio in 10 minutes time and to work on track 12. From afar, Yasper notices Xavier with Chelsea. Unfortunately, Xavier never showed up in the studio but his text message does help narrow down a time of death.

Meanwhile, Aniq has everyone write down diarrhoea to figure out who he killer is. However, he soon realizes there’s a big problem. Jennifer #2 is missing. That means there could well be a second victim. And if that wasn’t enough, the police have also found more evidence by Xavier’s body. Evidence that links directly back to Chelsea.

The Episode Review

While episode 3 is arguably the weakest of the bunch, it does help to get inside the mind of Yasper and understand his way of thinking. Not only that, it also gives us a good time-frame for when Xavier was killed.

I still think Walt is involved in some way. Th guy has already said in episode 1 he wants to be remembered and he’s going to do something big. Since then, he’s been randomly popping up in every single episode since. Either him or it could well be a big misunderstanding and Xavier did slip and kill himself.

Given we know Xavier is a big-time rapper, it makes sense that the slip of paper about Revenge isn’t from the killer but written by him instead. It could be his way of trying to come up with a new song. What do you guys think though? Do you have an alternate theory? Let us know in the comments blow!

The Afterparty has been a really slick and surprisingly original take on the mystery genre, with each episode taking on a slightly different tone or genre. With next week’s chapter switching the focus across to Chelsea, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what new information we end up learning here.

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  1. Holy crap. I just wanted to leave a review that this episode f****** sucks ass. Total unnecessary singing throughout the episode. Like what the actual f***, way to waste my time. It sucks if you could skip this episode do it cuz it’s horrible.

  2. Hey Steve, thanks for commenting! Diarrhea is the correct spelling in American English, whereas diarrhoea is the spelling in British English, which is lexically how we write all of our posts at TheReviewGeek. Hope that clears up any confusion and thanks for reading our recap!

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