TenPuru: No One Can Live On Loneliness – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


No One Should Live Alone

The first scene of TenPuru season 1 episode 12 is a flashback to Yuzuki’s childhood. Yuzuki, who was a kid at the time, is shown with her mother. Her aspiration is to one day lead the Mikazuki temple as its high priest, and she expresses this to her mother. As she begins to explain why to her mother, the scene switches.

What incident causes Yuzuki’s disappearance?

The plot then shifts to the present day. After their argument, Yuzuki and Akemitsu want to make amends with one another and resolve their differences.

Kiki-san informs Yuzuki later that day that her training has been temporarily suspended. Yuzuki is perplexed as her determination to finish the course overwhelms her.

Following this, Akemitsu begins shadowing Kiki-san around town in hopes of convincing her to train Yuzuki. However, Kiki-san refuses to train Yuzuki until the girl learns from her errors of judgment.

Tsukuyo then gets in touch with Akemitsu following this. She informs him that Yuzuki has vanished. Consequently, Akemitsu starts looking for Yuzuki everywhere, but he can’t seem to find her.

Where is Yuzuki?

Eventually, Akemitsu reflects on Kiki-san’s comments, which hinted that Yuzuki’s seeming happiness may be an act. Consequently, Akemitsu decides to take a chance and look for her under the bridge.

When Akemitsu shows up underneath the bridge, he spots Yuzuki. It’s clear that Yuzuki is extremely vulnerable at this moment. At this point, Akemitsu and Yuzuki share a tender moment.

Do Yuzuki and the others save the Mikazuki temple?

Yuzuki is brought home after she is seen feeling sick. Akemitsu can be seen tending to her needs. When Yuzuki finally opens her eyes, Akemitsu is there to remind her of how crucial it is to have people in her corner.

Yuzuki then tells Kiki-san that she has made a mistake by prioritizing her self-reliance over protecting the Buddhist temple. Following this, Yuzuki accepts help from Akemitsu and the other temple girls. After Yuzuki recovers, Kiki-san promises to restart her training.

Akemitsu and the temple girls are seen helping Yuzuki in the final moments of the season. In addition, Yuzuki accepts help graciously, and the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on Yuzuki’s journey from an armored facade to a more vulnerable state of dependence on others. The relationship between Akemitsu and Yuzuki evolves as well and appears to strengthen throughout the course of the episode.

This episode serves to further the story. It does not, however, answer the season-long mystery of whether Akemitsu and the temple girls succeed in saving Mikazuki temple.

This episode, like the rest of the season, fails to captivate with its particular charm or entertainment value. However, this episode has more substance than the previous ones. Furthermore, the emphasis on sex was quite toned down compared to previous episodes, which is an improvement.

Overall, the episode is acceptable, and it’s a marked improvement over the previous episodes. Will we wait until another season begins to learn what will happen to the temple? Perhaps not. But, without a doubt, this was arguably a watchable episode compared to the previous ones.

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