Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Something Sour Patch

Debbie’s Secret

The season 1 finale (episode 10) of Teenage Bounty Hunters asks big questions and leaves them dangling on a convenient cliffhanger.

Blair and Sterling head back home and find their parents waiting for them. However, the girls are ready. They immediately question the pair over Debbie’s secret, including the fact that she belongs to the Tabernacle Church of Christ the Redeemer. They also bring up the wanted poster and the first degree arson.

It’s here, the truth is finally revealed. Debbie fell in with a bad crowd but no one was hurt. She doesn’t give many more details than that, revealing that they’ve put the past behind them and they’re not in danger. Well, $90,000 says they probably are.

That evening the girls head over to Bowser’s and he shows them the wanted poster. He believes they knew the whole time and wanted to help their Mother evade the law. Bowser refuses to listen to the girls and bemoans his luck, realizing that he’s got soft. To rectify this issue, he fires them both.

Heart-Felt Truths & Manipulations

As the girls talk outside Yogurtopia, the duo decide to fight for what they want. After a heart to heart, the kids head off to win over their partners. Sterling heads into school and gets stuck in with the lock-in currently being organised.

Only, things hit a serous snag when she finds April hanging out with Luke and getting cosy. Unfortunately, thanks to the lock-in she’s stuck inside with them but very much alone.

Having seen enough, Sterling bolts. April rushes after her and sits with Sterling outside after unlocking the doors. There, they discuss how their feelings as April admits that she’s not able to come out. Thanks to her father returning, there’s no way she’s going to be able to come out. Even more alarmingly, April admits casually that her Father asked about the twins.

When April leaves, Luke shows up and offers his kindness as a friend. It turns out he’s back on the golf team too but this time Franklin will be the one in charge. As fate would have it, Luke is going to ask April out on a date with him. Unable to see this, Sterling tells Luke she misses him and kisses the poor boy.

Meanwhile, Blair heads over to Miles’ house and admits the truth. She tells him she’s in love but Miles’ Mother looks dumbfounded, “Who is she, Miles?”

Hurt, Blair leaves and winds up talking to Miles outside. With things spiraling out of control, she heads home and cuddles up to her father, crying.

The Abduction

Debbie hits the road and phones her contact, promising to head over there soon. Before she does however, Debbie picks up Sterling from the school. Only… this doesn’t seem to be the real Debbie given her Mother is actually at home.

Sterling realizes something is up and it turns out she’s in the car with Debbie’s twin sister, Dana. She’s the one responsible for the fire and Anderson and Debbie have been fighting to try and get her out of the country.

As we soon see, Dana is incredibly erratic and unstable. She throws Sterling’s phone out the window and continues to drive. As she does, Dana receives a call from someone called Levi, who happens to be the same man we saw her talking to at the beginning of the episode.

Sterling uses her wits to make Dana head over by the side of the road. She heads into the toilets and leave a message for Blair and the others to find where she is. Just before she leaves, Sterling says a prayer for Dana’s well-being. 

Bowser heads up and sees Yolanda. He says goodbye and decides to leave Atlanta and head back to Florida. Just before he leaves, he stops by the twins’ house to say his goodbyes. Only, Blair urgently asks for his help given Sterling is in danger.

Finding Sterling

Together, they hit the road and track down Sterling to the toilets. There, Blair sees the message written on the stall door, including a licence plate.

They use what they know about Levi to bring Terrance in and get his help in tracking down Dana and Sterling. It works too, and they find her an address. Walking between the houses, Blair and Bowser shout for their sister and eventually find her with a gag and tied up in a bedroom.

After using her twin powers to communicate with Sterling inside, Bowser engages in a gunfight with Levi, leading to the latter being shot and arrested.

Debbie suddenly arrives with a shotgun and manages to stop Dana marching off as everyone reconvenes outside. There, Dana admits that Sterling is her daughter.

The Episode Review

As we come to a close, the episode leaves the door wide open for a second season. One thing’s for sure, Sterling certainly gets her attitude from her Mother. Her character arc this season has been questionable, to say the least.

We began with her pressuring Luke into having sex and then moving on to pressuring April to come out. When that fails, she then manipulates Luke by kissing him and telling him she missed the pair together. This doesn’t exactly portray a likable protagonist although if this is intentional it’s a stroke of genius.

If a second season is green-lit, it may be interesting to see Sterling really dive into this sort of behaviour and become the main antagonist for Blair to tackle.

The doppelganger angle though comes completely out of left-field and bizarrely this seems to be a trend across Netflix shows. Earlier this month we had High Seas which pulled the exact same trick.

Also, how did Bowser miss the $90,000 target? He’s supposed to be a professional and he’s just gone ahead and covered it up with other wanted posters. Even worse, none of the melodrama for any of the character is really resolved.

April, Miles and Luke have no closure and the cliffhanger is intentionally designed to buy into a second season. As I said during the opening episode recap, this is going to be a love/hate series and many people will love this. And that’s great!  The show definitely has its quirks and it’s easy enough to slip into and watch.

However, it also narratively fails on almost every level and fails to provide any sort of closure. It’ll be very interesting to gauge what the audience reaction is to this but for now, Teenage Bounty Hunters closes things out with an unremarkable finale.

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