Tales of Wedding Rings – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

In the first scene of Tales of Wedding Rings Episode 5, Satou, Krystal, Nefritis, Alabaster, and the rest of the group decide to head to the kingdom of dragonfolk, which is the land of water.

However, they encounter a floating nation while walking through the forest. Alabaster then reveals to them that it’s the Land of Fire, also known as Needakitta. He continues by saying that he was crossing his fingers that they would eventually come across this nation of wandering knights and cat people. As a consequence, he changes their original plan and announces that they will be getting the ring from the nation at hand first.

A ladder then descends for the gang to use as they ascend inside the nation. They swiftly realise that they are encircled by Knights and cat people in a floating open market. However, Krystal and Nefritis eventually get separated from the rest of the group. The gang finds out about Granart Needakitta, princess of the Land of Fire, at the same time. The fact that Satou must now win her heart becomes clear right away.

Nefritis and Krystal are discovered by the group on their way to see the Princess. They also find out that in order to win the Princess over, Satou will need to triumph over her in a fight. They see firsthand how the princess’s strength and skills allow her to effortlessly defeat her suitors. Then Satou tries to win the fight. However, he, too, fails miserably, just like all the other suitors.

Princess Granart Needakitta meets up with Satou later that day to have him massage her. Following that, she lets him know that she knows he’s the Ring King and suggests he have her strength on his side. She goes on to say that the next time he challenges her to a fight, she will deliberately lose so that he can get married to her and they can exchange wedding rings. Nevertheless, the episode concludes with Satou assuring her that he will win on his own and voices his disapproval of her intentional loss.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 sees Satou and the group continuing their quest for the next ring. Hime develops feelings of jealousy when Satou tends to Nephritis. Not long after that, Needakitta, the Land of Fire, shows up in the form of a massive caravan. They request a meeting to see the princess, though, a challenge arises that stops them from achieving their goal.

Much like the previous episode, this one is entertaining, slightly compelling, and full of adventure. Having said that, the show’s plot appears to be of low quality and is just getting worse. Additionally, the storyline seems quite rushed throughout. At first glance, the show appeared to have promise, but its current course makes that seem quite unlikely.

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