Tales of Wedding Rings – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

In the first scene of Tales of Wedding Rings Episode 4, the wise sage Alabaster warns Hauto, Krystal, and the others that they must quickly leave the Elven town to retrieve the rings before time runs out. After they get the other rings, he says they should go return to the Elven town again to collect the ring belonging to Nefritis. But right before they go out, the Abyss King’s Knight manages to breach the Romca barrier.

Following this, Haruto and Alabaster confront the Knight straight away. On top of that, Jade decides to fight alongside them. Meanwhile, Krystal informs Nefritis about what’s happening by visiting her in her room. Following this, she claims she isn’t enough for Haruto and asks her to marry him as well.

The action then shifts to the fight, which is abruptly cut short as Krystal and Nefritis smash the stone statue. Nefritis proposes to Haruto by kissing him and giving him the ring she has gotten her hands on. After this, Haruto vanquishes the Abyss King’s Knight with ease. It becomes apparent, though, that the Abyss King’s Knight stole the corpse of the original Ring princess. The princess’s body and consciousness are restored once Haruto defeats the Knight.

In this scene, the princess seeks out the wise sage Alabaster to learn more about the mysterious traveller who captured her heart. He assures her that the wanderer is now enjoying a peaceful life in another part of the world and that he has always wished the best for her. Not long after that, the group leaves, including Alabaster, Nefritis, Haruto, and Krystal. At this point in the episode, the princess finds out that the name of the great Sage is Alabaster, and she also realises that he is the wanderer with whom she fell in love.

The Episode Review

Alabaster proposes they delay Satou’s wedding to Nefritis and flee to another nation in episode 4, fearing that the troops of the Abyss King are drawing near. As they’re about to leave, a knight from the Abyss King manages to breach the barrier and launches an assault on Romca.

Like the previous episodes, this episode too is brimming with adventure. Unfortunately, neither the plot nor the mythology are particularly well-developed. The show’s multitude of characters is another major gripe. In light of this, viewers may find themselves confused since they are not given enough time to get to know the characters before being thrown headfirst into the plot. But, we’re hoping that the show improves from here because we’re just four episodes in.

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