Sweet Magnolias – Season 2 Episode 9 “Dear Heart” Recap & Review

Dear Heart

Episode 9 of Sweet Magnolias Season 2 begins with the magnolias toasting to Frances’ memory. She’s passed away, off-screen of course, and she has a whole notebook with instructions on what happens next.

The ladies of Serenity are all given their own tasks on how to celebrate her life and honour her memory. However, there’s noting here about the Will. At least not yet anyway.

In the morning, Maddie, Helen and Dana all head to the office to file their petition. Mary tries to stop them but to no avail. Soon after, Dana heads to couple’s counseling with Pastor June. She’s still bickering with Ronnie but June is intent on healing their wounds and making sure they remain a couple.

Dana refuses to read her vows to Ronnie after he reads his to her, teary-eyed and blubbery. Instead she leaves in a hurry,  ignoring Ronnie’s tears and not even saying bye to June.

Jackson and Annie have a lovely date together and while they get along well, on the porch they exchange touching words while Dana listens from upstairs. She clutches her notebook and sobs. It’s clear she’s conflicted and seeing her daughter so readily in love is a constant reminder of her own heartache.

You see, Ronnie cheating on her has crippled Dana’s trust and is surprised over how readily he’s able to recite his vows.

Meanwhile, Helen heads to the IVF clinic and worries that she’s waited too long and missed her chance at being a mother. Dr Ringle encourages her to take each moment as they come. Although she’s strong enough when she heads home, Ryan showing up throws her off her game.

Helen is flustered and promises to call him after apologizing for his loss. When he leaves, Helen struggles to compose herself.

Wrapped in towels, Maddie finds the letter from Victoria that Cal has kept in his drawer. It’s a memento and a reminder that it takes two people to screw up a relationship. In front of Maddie, he rips it up, signifying that it doesn’t mean anything to him now and the pair passionately kiss again.

Ty learns that he’s not going to get in the schools he applied for. Because of his recovery program, he’s missed the opportunity to play baseball this year at a top level. He’s completely crushed. It makes things even more awkward when he learns CeCe may be going to college.

With the Mary situation heating up, she uses her trump card and threatens to have Cal fired if Maddie continues down this path. She’s done her research and according to her, Cal is hiding a lot of secrets. But what secrets might they be?

Meanwhile, Peggy blindsides Bill after 22 years and blurts out that Isaac is his son in the town square. She reveals that their mothers kept it a secret from them and I’m assuming she never once said anything through the 9 months of her pregnancy either.

It obviously hits Bill hard and he eventually tells her to leave, especially when Isaac shows up as well.

The Episode Review

While many may be dismayed at Bill’s reaction here, it’s worth bearing in mind that the man was literally blindsided with this information out of nowhere. He’s obviously got a lot going on with Noreen and his new job out of town but to suddenly throw this at him after 22 years, and then show him Isaac too, I’m not surprised he’s reacted this way, even if he isn’t exactly a great role model.

Meanwhile, Frances’ death is just… nonchalantly shrugged off. At least here anyway. I mean that could change in the final episode but the fact Frances died off-screen is pretty surprising.

With the finale up next though, everything is left wide open for where this one may go with its various plotlines.

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