Sweet Magnolias – Season 2 Episode 8 “The Rules of the Game” Recap & Review

The Rules of the Game

Episode 8 of Sweet Magnolias Season 2 starts with Kyle and Sophie hanging out and growing closer together. There’s very clearly romance brewing here and as Maddie shows up, she can sense it too and gives him a knowing grin.

Kylee is helping Sophie out with her fantasy game, even doing some voice acting and getting enamored with a new friendship group. Ty notices how good this is for his brother and praises his new, positive attitude. Things do sour a little when Nellie shows up and Kyle introduces her, and it’s worth noting Sophie’s constant side-eyed glances at her here. A love triangle perhaps?

Meanwhile, Annie is traumatized over what she saw the night before. With Dana and Ronnie trying to talk to her, they both disagree over exactly what’s happening. Are they together? Are they not? Who knows! So naturally Annie hurries out before they can fumble over their words anymore.

That’s only made worse at the restaurant though when Dana calls out Annie for talking to Jackson about her relationship, telling her to “keep family maters for off the clock” Really?

After Dana openly kisses Jeremy in the kitchen and constantly lets her personal affairs affect her business and attitude at work that’s… a bit hypocritical isn’t it?

Anyway Dana does redeem herself a little that night by giving Jackson the greenlight to go out with Annie, while Annie’s justifiable concerns about her folks sneaking around gives off the impression that they’re doing something wrong.

Ronnie and Dana do end up hashing it out as Dana brushes aside their lovemaking as “nostalgia.” She wants proof that he’s changed but instead, Ronnie turns that around and asks exactly why she hasn’t bothered to do the same thing. And for that, she has no answers.

Ronnie takes the initiative and decides to speak to Pastor June about all of this, getting them counselling to work through their problems.

The episodic event this time around happens to be a fundraiser where people gush over how amazing Cal is. Of course, he and Maddie are out of town in Charleston, where it certainly opens her eyes to how much Cal means to these people.

Meanwhile, Peggy heads back to see her mother, who laughs incredulously at her suggestion of telling Isaac’s father about his son. Unfortunately, she’s having none of it and claims she “saved her” from that life.

It’s pretty harsh but Peggy stands up for herself and won’t be dissuaded by her mother’s stuffy tea-drinking standards any more. This also has a knock-on effect too, with her thanking Helen for getting involved and finding Isaac.

Elsewhere, Ty gives a backhanded apology to CeCe after his gooey-eyed looks at Annie earlier in the season. When he asks for an apology back, she scoffs at this and walks away.

Helen gathers the troops and informs them that they have enough signatures to approach the Mayor and hit back against the proposed changes. Helen promises to hand it in first thing Monday morning. As they all toast to Serenity, Frances collapses.

The Episode Review

So as we reach the business end of the season, Ty tries and fails to apologize while Dana fails to see the error of her ways, eventually leading her down the path of counselling with Ronnie. And I guess Jeremy is just gone from the rest of the series then!

Meanwhile, the show continues to deliver intriguing developments with the various subplots and seeing Kyle get closer to Sophie is a nice touch, especially with the added dynamic of Nellie jumping back into the fray.

At the same time, the ending hints that we’ve got plenty more drama to come in the upcoming episodes as we dive into exactly why Frances collapsed and what happened to her.

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