Sweet Home – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Past Demons

Episode 7 of Sweet Home wastes absolutely no time as we kick off right where we left off. Two exciting action set pieces ensue, one featuring the group in the parking lot and another with Doo-Sik upstairs.

Downstairs, the group bundle into a car and take off as numerous creatures surround them. Jae-Hun and Ji-Soo work together while Eun-Hyeok drives. Gil-Seob and his flamethrower are enough to thwart the threat though as the place ignites into a fiery tomb of screaming monsters.

Upstairs, Eun-Yoo rallies the troops and tells them they need to work together and use traps to try and thwart the threat. While they do, Doo-Sik does his best to hold off the creature on top of him, which sees a sharp tentacle impale his leg for his troubles.

With a flaming molotov in hand, the group burn the creature long enough for Doo-Sik to crawl away to safety and Hyun-Soo to jump in and electrocute the creature with his spear. After saving their lives, the group are a bit more appreciative of Hyun-Soo, apologizing for locking him up initially.

Meanwhile, Yu-Ri speaks to Sang-Wook who eventually swallows his pride and allows her to tend to his wounds. He’s in a really bad way too, especially when he lifts his shirt to show the crimson mess of blood and green tape.

Afterward, the group all sit down to eat but tellingly Hyun-Soo and Sang-Wook take themselves away from the main rabble of residents. Gil-Seob joins them though. He shows off the scar across his stomach and tries to find common ground with the duo. It seems to do the trick, as the pair sit cross-legged and eat.

With the water tank contaminated, the group realize they’ve got some serious problems. Down in the basement, Eun-Hyeok and Doo-Sik examine the damage to their car and try to concoct a plan to venture outside and grab resources before it’s too late.

Unfortunately panic and fear consumes Seung-Wan as he begins maniacally screaming and despairing about their situation. Thankfully Gil-Seob manages to talk some sense into him – followed by a swift punch from Sang-Wook too.

While all this is going on, Ji-Kyung is cut loose from her ordeal by the soldiers. She’s told that those who survive the monster infection are known as “Special Infectees”

Back in the apartment complex, the group band together and put their plan into action. It’s the proverbial calm before the storm though as all our residents prepare to head outside.

Ji-Su plays her guitar while Hyun-Soo listens. Jae-Hun drinks soju while Sang-Wook apologizes to Seung-Wan for hitting him. Unfortunately Ji-Su takes a turn for the worst not long after and collapses. It turns out she has appendicitis. She needs surgery and with very little in the way of sterile equipment or a doctor on-scene, things look bleak.

Y-Ri volunteers to help though as the group prepare for surgery. Outside the room, Eun-Hyeok warns Hyun-Soo that if things go sideways then he’s to head off and get the resources they need. The group is essentially now split into two, with most of the residents hanging back to try and save Ji-Su.

As Hyun-Soo bundles in the reinforced car, he remembers key moments from his past; a childhood full of bullying and regret. Despite the bullying stopping when his Father got involved, his old friend blamed him for his woes which is why Hyun-Soo took a Stanley knife to his wrist. He was wracked with guilt and believed he had nothing to live for.

In the present, Hyun -Soo readies himself to face the outside world but a giant creature slams into the side of the car and knocks it over.

The Episode Review

With another episode pitting human VS human relations, Sweet Home finishes off an early burst of action with a much slower and methodical bout of drama. That’s not necessarily a bad thing of course, but given how action-packed the webtoon is I can imagine some people may not like the direction this one has taken.

However, in terms of character development this one does a better job showing just why Hyun-Soo was suicidal at the start of the series and his hopelessness in life. Personally, I would have liked to see these flashes earlier in the show as up until this point he’s been one of the weaker characters of the bunch.

Still, the ending leaves the door wide open for the episodes to come as we move into the third act.

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