Survival of the Thickest – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Be a Bad Boss Bitch, Bitch!

In episode 2 of Survival of the Thickest, Mavis is presented with an opportunity. She gets a job with the help of Peppermint, a drag queen that she came across at her favorite bar. Peppermint introduces her to Natasha Karina, an established supermodel who wishes to keep being relevant in contemporary times.

Mavis notices Natasha’s discomfort with her weight while arranging clothes for her. She needs an outfit but refuses to provide her accurate measurements. Mavis had always wished to craft clothes for women similar to herself and Natasha. She wants Natasha to feel at ease in her own skin by dressing her appropriately. She assures Natasha that her efforts will make it happen, and she will no longer need to wear a corset.

Natasha hires Mavis, and she succeeds in creating an outfit that brings her confidence. Mavis is unaware that Natasha intends to wear the gown to her ex-husband’s funeral. She is keen on standing out, and Mavis’ refined styling decision for her attracts a lot of attention at the occasion.

Mavis comes to the realization that she wouldn’t like to continue living that way owing to Natasha’s bitterness towards her ex-husband. She does not wish to harbor animosity and bitterness towards Jacque for years. Peppermint goes live on Instagram, while Natasha puts on a performance at the service. Everybody takes notice of Natasha’s outfit and Mavis’ contribution, and they started praising Mavis for her efforts.

Mavis is thrust into the limelight owing to the unanticipated outpouring of support and Peppermint’s brilliant social media strategies, and she gains fresh followers on her personal page with a popular hashtag. By supporting Natasha’s journey and going after her own goals, Mavis comes to understand the opportunities she discovered for herself.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Survival of the Thickest revolves around Mavis’ efforts to style Natasha Karina, an ex-supermodel who is attempting to keep herself relevant. At this point, the show not only glorifies an unhealthy lifestyle. It even goes so far as to celebrate pettiness.

During this episode, Natasha practically makes fun of her ex-husband at his funeral by dressing inappropriately, acting strangely, and making an absolute spectacle of an extremely sensitive moment. To make matters worse, she becomes relevant as a consequence of this. The lessons the show teaches impressionable teenagers, given that they are the show’s target audience, are ridiculous and narcissistic, to say the least.

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