Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Guide: “Chapter 5” Walkthrough

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Guide: Chapter 5

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Exploring Our Roots

Find The Batcave

Who Goes There

Batman (Boss Fight)

Superman (Boss Fight)


Exploring Our Roots

Start chapter 5 of Suicide Squad by leaving the Hall of Justice and head on over to Midtown. You’ll find your destination from Ivy’s mist choking the atmosphere with a red hue. When you show up, destroy the enemies and press Square to activate the plant.

Just like before, we’ll need to protect sites A and B to protect Ivy’s plants. Head on over to both and wait for the Plant Growth process to max out. Toward the end, you’ll also need to protect the bulk of Ivy’s plant too.


Find The Batcave

When that’s done, head underground to find the Batcave. Follow the marker along and drop down to the ground when you find this point:

Enemies will show up after a brief bit of dialogue so go ahead and take them out. This area won’t be the right one for the Batcave and the marker will switch to Wonderland District so hop on over to the rooftop there.

Kill the enemies that show up, which will include Flash variants and also glowing green enemies inflicted with Lantern’s powers.

Finally, you’ll have a third marker to head over to, where more enemies will be waiting:

Kill the enemies in this new area, being sure to target the snipers first up over the rooftops. Mid-fight, Gizmo will confirm that they’ve found the Batcave so take out the remaining enemies in this section and let’s continue in. With the Batcave open (pictured below), it’s time to tackle the Dark Knight.


Who Goes There

Inside the Batcave, descend down the elevator and when you emerge, wait a few seconds for the gang to find the command center doors. Press Square to open it up and after a brief cutscene, you’ll be bathed in darkness.

When you gain control of your character, head on across to each of the mixers.

There are three in total and when you arrive at each, you’ll need to press Square to activate them. You’ll have a limited period of time to do each, given it’ll raise the toxicity level of the room each time. However, it should be quite straightforward.

Next, head on up the stairs to the right and activate the Vent Toxin. This process will then be repeated for all four characters, ending with Harley Quinn, with each becoming more intense with bombs and random jump scares along the way.

Once you’ve activated the final marker, it’ll be onto a big boss fight with the Dark Knight



Boss Fight – Batman

Batman will shoot lasers across the arena, so be sure to drop back and miss this every time he uses that ability. He’ll also throw shockwaves of flames either side, along with explosions in a circular area that will damage if you stand too close. All of these moves have very obvious wind-ups and you should be able to dodge most of them without too much of an issue.

While this is going on, keep firing at the giant Batman’s chest and be sure to move either side of the lasers. The fight itself shouldn’t be too hard and once you deplete Barman’s health, the fight will be over. And it turns out Batman has been shot for real. That’s it, that’s all there is to it.


Leave the Batcave and head on over to Lexcorp with Batman’s corpse. Approach the landing and head on inside, being sure to hit Square when you approach the terminal.

With Batman delivered, it’s now time to engage in a few side activities until Lex rings and lets you know that he’s created his Anti-Superman weapons. At this point, you can load up the map and choose any side activities on the map to engage in. It doesn’t matter what ones you do but after some time has passed, the Lex tower will have a new icon, indicating our next mission.

Head on back to Lex tower and press Square next to the crate of Kryptonite. Well, Gold Kryptonite to be precise. This will dampen Supe’s abilities and allow the gang to go after and take down Superman.

Batman’s Last Ride

When you gain control of your characters again, there will be another vehicle-protecting mission. By now you should be familiar with the jam but follow the vehicle along the predetermined track, taking out the enemies as they arrive in waves. Here, they will come in massive waves with a whole bunch of different goons.

Take a clockwise approach to hopping over the rooftops to take these guys out and just like before, be sure to keep a high vantage point to check out what’s going on below.

Eventually you’ll reach the base of Superman’s statue. Harley will pull the trigger after a big ol’ lecture and kill Batman.



Boss Fight – Superman

Superman will show up and it’ll be boss fight time again. You need to hop around and shoot Supe every chance you get. When you do, he’ll slowly start being hit with Kryptonite bullets and his health will go down. This is a fight best played at a distance so either switch over to Deadshot, or keep a distance and pump Superman full of bullets.

When you’ve dealt enough damage, the red meter will fill up and you’ll then be able to deplete his HP meter (the blue bar) by continuing to shoot. 

Watch out for his laser eye move, which can deal a good chunk of damage, and be mindful of him moving around the environment quickly as well.

Each time Supe’s blue-meter depletes, Superman will have more damage dealt to him. Be careful not to get hit with the lasers and eventually he’ll go down. By being shot with bullets.


Despite the Justice League being defeated, Brainiac will show up, antagonize you for a bit and send you over to Lex Luthor.

However, Waller will show up on the terminal and demand you both show back up at the Hall of Justice. Before you zip over though, you’ll unlock Neural Bomb Mod Slots, and several new weapons too.

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