Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Guide: “Chapter 4” Walkthrough

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Guide: Chapter 4

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Dead Man’s Heart

A New Headache/Banking On Violence

Green Lantern (Boss Fight)

Escort Waller


Dead Man’s Heart

Chapter 4 of Suicide Squad begins with us needing to find Lex Luthor. In order to do so, keep moving forward toward Luthor’s heart-rate tracker. It’s a pretty easy path, just keep moving forward to the ruins of the Hall of Justice.

When you get there, turn toward the main entrance and shoot the vent above the doors. When it opens, head forward onto the elevator.

Lex Luthor will show up and explain that this is a parallel universe. He’ll also unlock Infamy Sets for you too, which are basically weapons that activate unique augments and effects on your guns.

Leave the Hall of Justice and approach the truck outside. Press Square by the trunk and you’ll be able to restock your resources.

For now though, you’ll need to follow the route of the truck while simultaneously protecting it from any enemies that show up. Keep up with the vehicle, and be sure to make note of the blue glowing arrows on the ground for its planned route.

On the way, be prepared to fight helicopters, drones and foot soldiers, so try and keep a high vantage point so you can see exactly when these enemies spawn.

Once you’ve taken out all the enemies in a specific area, the tower will become vulnerable and you’ll be able to shoot it down. In doing so, the truck will then be able to continue on the route ahead.

There are several differemt towers you’ll need to take out so be sure to target the pink marker on the base of the tower once it’s vulnerable to destroy it.

After three towers have been obliterated, and you’ve followed the truck down to the end of the pathway, you’ll have 1 minute to hold off the forces of the aliens for the truck to recharge.

Stay relatively close to the car to avoid it getting damaged too much from the waves of Brainiac’s goons that show up. Don’t be afraid to use your melee strikes here either. They’re actually pretty effective against these goons. Once you’re ready, step into the yellow circle (regardless of how many enemies are left) to trigger another cutscene.

Thankfully, this whole endeavour has been a success and we’re back in our reality again. Hooray. You’ll also unlock Weapon Nano-Enhancement too, which will upgrade weapons depending on the number of kills against enemies.

Head on over to the Hall of Justice for the next mission.


A New Headache/Banking On Violence

After viewing the cutscene in here and being briefed, leave the Hall of Justice and check on the marked location near the Skull Ship. Unfortunately, new Flash-infused aliens will show up and attack. These guys will use the same sort of abilities as Flash and tend to move around pretty quickly. Be sure to use Affliction Strikes on them up close to defeat them quickly.

After a bit of gloating from Lantern, head across the city to grab the Anti-Lantern weapon. If you need the general location, just follow the Lantern-infused helicopter to the general area and then follow the marker down on the ground.

When you get there, destroy the crystals to then, in turn, destroy the Incubators just like we have been before. The area is pretty big though so be sure to keep moving around as you’re fighting. After destroying the two Incubators and completing the mission, head on down to pick up your prize.

Press Square on the door and once inside, follow the linear path all the way along. Drop down the gap and then turn around to approach the vault. Wonder Woman is inside though, and she’s crafted an anti-Lantern shield.

Shock, horror! It turns out Amanda Waller intends to betray the Suicide Squad and leave them to die. After all of this shenanigans, the group will head off to defeat Green Lantern. You’ll unlock Yellow Lantern Battery here, which – when attached to a weapon – will destabilize Lantern’s constructs, making him vulnerable to attack.

Green Lantern

Boss Fight – Green Lantern

Phase 1

Head on over to Green Lantern and you’ll find the Constructs need to be destroyed in order to take out his shields. In order to do this, you’ll need to get rid of the guns Lantern conjures up around the main construct. Once you’ve destroyed them all, a brief cutscene will ensue.

The idea of this fight is pretty straightforward and the first part will include you taking out a number of constructs that Lantern will throw your way. The more you destroy, the more it’ll chip away at the HP of the shields, leaving Lantern vulnerable.

You’ll need to move around a fair amount here though, as he’ll not only conjure up helicopters to spray bullets, he’ll also create guns just like the first part before the cutscene leading to this fight, along with proximity mines and bombs too. 

When the shield has been depleted, fire at Lantern until his shields regenerate again.

This will likely be a rather long fight but the mines are your best bet for destroying (from a distance) if they’re nearby to other constructs as it’ll knock down the shields the most effectively. The ripple effect from these blasts will hit multiple objects.

Phase 2

When Lantern is close to depleting his first HP bar, he’ll turn gigantic and start spraying bullets across the arena. At this point, aim for the shields that hover either side of him rather than the mines dotted around (pictured below).

After you’ve dealt a good chunk of damage, he’ll revert back to the original Phase 1 form and you’ll need to take him out just as before, destroying the constructs. However, there will now be large towers around the arena that deal consistent laser damage and will hone in on your location. Ne sure to track these first and take them out.

When Lantern has barely any health left, the entire arena will be full of mines. Try and take these out as best you can so you don’t blow yourself up. Just as before, you want to aim for the shields surrounding him to chip away at the power the most. Finally, hit the killer blow and shoot Lantern to kill him.


With Lantern and Flash both killed (by bullets no less…) King Shark will take on the Green Lantern powers for himself. it doesn’t quite go to plan and neither, it seems, does Waller’s powers to launch a nuke at Brainiac’s ship. Unfortunately, Superman will show up and throw the nuke, letting it detonate in the distance.


Escort Waller

Waller will be in trouble when you regain control of your character, so hop on over and quickly revive Waller. Simply drop down to the ground and press Square when you approach the upturned car. You’ll have a little under a minute to do this. Afterwards, clear the area around Waller by killing 10 enemies.

When Wonder Woman and Superman duke it out, you’ll need to escort Waller back to the Hall of Justice.

This is not dissimilar to the early parts of this level and the concept is largely the same. Stick to the high vantage points and watch out for enemies that show up, which include Snipers, Drones, Helicopters and everything in between.

Unlike with Luthor, the ice-cream truck will actually stop at the sense of danger, meaning you’ll need to clear out each area in turn before it can continue forward. This does, however, help to avoid unnecessary damage to the vehicle so there is that.

Most of these enemies are quite easy to beat but its a good idea to skip ahead of the truck and get a high vantage to scope out where the threats are coming from.

Eventually you’ll reach the end of the route and trigger a big cutscene with Wonder Woman and Superman, who are still fighting. Just before hitting the killer blow, Harley will show up and serve as distraction enough for Wonder Woman to stab Superman with Kryptonite. Of course, it doesn’t work and under Brainiac’s control, Superman eviscerates her with his lasers and kills Wonder Woman.

As the chapter ends, you’ll unlock Affliction Grenades and be one step closer to killing (see: shooting) the Justice League dead.

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