Suburra: Blood On Rome – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Party

Episode 3 of Suburra Season 3 begins with Spadino awakening to find Anastasia rocking their newborn baby girl, Rubina. She thanks the child for biting her and calls the babe a future queen.

All of this happens to be one big dream sequence though. In the morning, Spadino heads downstairs and finds Manfredi back, making himself at home. There’s no love lost between the pair though as he looks at his newly recovered brother with disdain. Manfredi hugs Spadino all the same and leaves him seething in anger.

Badali meets Aureliano by the dock where they discuss the exchange point and the updates surrounding the jubilee. Aureliano tells him all is well but Badali is not so sure.

Cinaglia arrives at a church to see Don Fabrizio. He shakes the man’s hand and continues to press him for answers, determined to dig up dirt on Nascari. Cinaglia even promises to help fix the church up. Eventually Cinaglia manages to convince him to reveal all.

Spadino feeds back the bad news about his brother to Aureliano and the girls as they try to work out what to do next. With the North Rome circuit kicking off soon, Spadino contemplates whether they should try and pay him off.

For now they stew over this idea as the girls head to Titto’s underground base of operations. Not long after, Angelica decides she wants to meet Titto’s right-hand man who’s in charge of distribution.

This leads them to a pawnbrokers where they watch this man work. Angelica has a keen eye though and figures out one of the girls there is selling a fake. Unhappy with what they’ve seen, the duo force Titto and his right-hand man to check all the pawns to make sure they’re not being ripped off.

Money is also a concern for Cinaglia too, who’s in danger of losing what he’s built if he doesn’t have the funds to keep it going. This sees him back before Nascari again where he confirms the lies being hidden away. Don Fabrizio revealed all to him, including a scandalous situation involving Nascari’s son.

This is enough to wrap up the jubilee and have Nascari on their side. When Cinaglia feeds this back to the boys, he warns them about their cocky attitude. They wave away his protests for them to change their tune though and walk away.

After destroying Nascari’s secret, with his son involved in this whole entangled mess, Sibilla warns Spadino and Aureliano that Rome is not a game. If they’re not careful they’re going to wind up like Samurai.

Manfredi throws a party back home to celebrate his return but Spadino arrives fashionably late. He greets the family, crashing the party in the process and telling them they’re teaming up with Aureliano in a bid to win the jubilee and get rich. As they all cheer him, Manfredi glares at him after offering congratulations.

Aureliano heads back to see Cinaglia, telling him they need to come up with some funds to progress forward. Stuck in a difficult position, he finds Manfredi secluded in the bathroom and tells him they need to deal with the duo. They’re certainly not up to the Jubilee gig and Cinaglia bemoans Samurai’s absence, wishing he was back.

Aureliano is most certainly a loose cannon too especially when he sees workers looking to demolish his old base of operations. Holding a gun up to them, he forces the workers to scramble.

Spdino meanwhile is a bit more secure, deciding to name his baby girl Rubina just like in his dream. Afterward, he rallies the troops ready to party. Only, Manfredi heads into Angelica’s room before they go and chuckles at the prospect of his brother having a girl rather than a boy.

She gives him the cold shoulder though and eventually leaves him in the room that was once his.

At the party, Aureliano is taken with Spadino to a makeshift throne they have set-up signifying that they’re in charge. It’s a pretty flamboyant display and one that sees Spadino calling himself the king of Rome.

Angelica is none too happy with this and starts gulping down alcohol out on the balcony., Nadia notices and tells her she envies the romance she and Aureliano have. There’s obviously tensions at the part though and it’s made worse by one of the men, Leo, bringing a gun to the party.

As things escalate, Nadia eventually Spadino’s man dead. As the two sides scatter, this fragile alliance may well be going up in flames.

The Episode Review

Well that was surprising! The ending leaves the door open for big sparks to fly between Spadino and Aureliano. As we’ve seen in the past, there’s certainly no love lost between either of these families and that bullet may mark the beginning of the end.

With Manfredi waiting for his chance to pounce, this could just be the opportunity he needs to seize control from under Spadino’s nose. As this ever-changing balance of power continues, who will come out on top at the end?

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