Suburra: Blood On Rome – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review


With Samurai dead, episode 2 of Suburra season 3 begins with Aureliano reveling in his victory with Nadia.

Meanwhile, Cinaglia heads home and finds Alice packing her things up ready to leave him. The kidnapping is the last straw for her – made worse by Cinaglia telling his wife to calm down. With little choice, Cinaglia hugs his kids tightly and promises them they’ll have a new home soon.

Only, Cinaglia isn’t out the woods yet. He’s threatened by Guerri following Samurai’s death and clearly the number 1 suspect.

Angelica awakens and finds Spadino fixing up the baby crib. He can’t sleep now that his dreams have come true. Feeling unstoppable, there’s one thing he hasn’t accounted for – Manfredi. News of Samurai’s death reaches him at the hospital, fueling Spadino’s brother to get better soon.

Aureliano meets Spadino again and reminds him that Cinaglia is just a puppet; they’ve got bigger fish to fry if they want to seize control of Rome. However, with the Jubilee coming up this could be the power play needed to seize control of new turf.

Samurai’s death also shifts the balance of power with Sibilla too, who hands over Samurai’s will to Adriano. He initially refuses to take it, angry at his Father’s business practice. Eventually she convinces him to take it and read what’s inside – this could just change his perspective.

Angelica and Nadia head up and meet their contact, Titto. They claim to be the bosses but he’s not impressed. North Rome is his turf and he’s not giving it up without a fight.

Aureliana and Spadino meanwhile visit Sibilla who’s clearly heard of them both and their reckless endeavors. She knows they had a hand in Samurai’s death but warns that his death has caused a seismic change in the balance of power. Even worse, Cinaglia is not a good pawn to use and they’ve been deceived into believing he’s a big-shot.

On the back of this, the duo head to Cinaglia’s house and decide to torture him into working with them. Locking the man in his shower, they turn up the head to a sickening 59 degrees Celsius.

While he pleads in vain to be released, Spadino and Aureliano start drinking champagne and eating pasta.

An hour passes and the duo decide to help Cinaglia out. He’s still alive though and they tell him to convince the Cardinal to play ball. Guerri is obviously on his tail but Aureliano and Spadino promise to take care of him.

Spadino heads to the doctors with Angelica but learns they’re having a girl rather than a boy. He’s pretty disappointed though given his family history, but she does her best to convince him this is a good thing.

Aureliano visits Badali where he reveals he knows the truth about Samurai’s death. With power being lost and someone needing to take the reigns, Badali worries that all hell could break loose sooner rather than later.

The pair set up a meeting though and decide to head back and see Titto in North Rome. At the same time, Cinaglia approaches Judge Gioborte and asks for a favour.

Meanwhile, Nascari hears the news about Samurai’s death and revels in this, believing his prayers have been answered. Sibilla eventually meets Adri again at the coffee shop and reveals the contents of the will, including intricate details on Samurai’s business dealings. Whether Adri decides to act on this or not remains to be seen.

Aureliano receives a call from Titto asking to speak business. Only, Guerri happens to be there too. As he heads outside, Titto double-crosses Guerri and shoots him – and all of his fellow followers – dead. Aureliano and Spadino arrive in the wake of this bloodshed and the groups agree to work together.

With everything looking up for now, Manfredi leaves the hospital on his feet brandishing a cane. In secret, he meets Cinaglia and the two form an alliance.

The Episode Review

With the power dynamic changing again, Cinaglia and Manfredi joining forces certainly spells big trouble for our main characters. Spadino and Aureliano’s reckless and arrogant behaviour is likely to be the downfall of them; Titto is hardly the most trustworthy of patrons.

All of this builds up to that dramatic cliffhanger where Cinaglia and Manfredi have formed an uneasy alliance that looks like it could usurp Spadino from his tenuous position. We’ll have to wait and see what happens here but this struggle just got a whole lot more complicated!


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