Street Food – Episode 3 “Delhi, India” Recap & Review


Delhi, India

From the Asian communities of Japan and Bangkok across to the bustling, sticky heat of Delhi in India, Street Food’s third episode ditches the Asian cuisine for a look at Indian food. With an intent focus on some of the chefs operating in the culinary scene in the city, India’s cocktail of flavour and different cultural influences make it a really interesting and significant city on the street food circuit.

The episode begins with a brief introduction, showing us the first of four predominant chefs in this episode, Dalchand Kashyap. Living a carefree, happy childhood, his life was turned upside down when his Father fell ill, causing the family to implode. As he grew up, Dalchand dedicated himself to bringing the family back together by honoring the memory of his father with the family Chaat recipe. This blend of chutney, yoghurt, potatoes and vegetables is an explosion of flavour and something that’s widely eaten all over the city.

Another staple food in India is Buffalo Stew, known to the locals as Nihari. This ancient dish was first served back in the 1800’s to soldiers and today its memory is honoured through Mohamed Rehan, a man whose managed to perfect this dish to the point that people queue for hours just to get a taste of his food.

After catching up with Mohamed, the episode cuts across to Karim’s, an establishment that’s been selling Seekh Kebabs for generations, right back to Haji Mohammed and the time of the Mughal Empire. This ties in nicely with the theme of the episode around historical food, ending with one final chef and a look at his food.

Arriving in Delhi back in 1947, Dharmender Makkan’s grandfather arrived in India with a dream, the clothes on his back and his special recipe for Chole Bhature. Determined to make a name for himself, this interesting dish has since grown to become one of the most beloved street food cuisines in the country.

Once again, Street Food continues to impress with its slick cinematography and great eye for detail. This episode is one of the best too, with a good range of chefs and some really interesting and emotional backgrounds to each one.


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