Street Food – Episode 2 “Osaka, Japan” Recap & Review


Osaka, Japan

Unlike Bangkok’s bustling, vibrant community, Japan is a country that prides itself on order and structure. Nowhere else is that more evident than in its culinary scene. Known to locals as ‘Japan’s kitchen’, this street food etiquette is challenged by one man – Toyo.

Wielding a blowtorch and an eccentric wit, Toyo creates a unique street food experience, with his sense of humour and love of life keeping customers coming back for more. These jokes ultimately act as a facade over an otherwise difficult childhood, as Toyo tells us about his childhood and how he wants people to experience the joy he never had as a child.

After catching up with Toyo, the episode skips across to fellow chef Mr. Kita. Armed with one of the oldest Takoyaki stalls in Osaka, he adopted the family business after returning home from university. As he keeps up a steady stream of business with his great-tasting food, his one true intention is to keep the stall running until it hits the 100 year anniversary, paying homage to his family lineage in the process.

Meanwhile, the third chef of the episode is Goshi, who cooks with his Father at his own eatery called Fue. Dishing up the popular Okonomiyaki, the signature soul food dish of Osaka. Their vibrancy and love of cooking is infectious too and their delicious looking food is put on full display this episode.

Once again Street Food delivers a thoroughly enjoyable episode. The focus on three different chefs keeps the episode interesting and the way this is broken up throughout the run-time allows for some gorgeous establishing shots of Japan too. Of course the emphasis on close-up shots of food and showing the cooking techniques helps too, reinforcing what a beautiful country Japan is.


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