Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Wrongful Breakup

Episode 11 of Strangers Again starts with Eun-beom overhearing Ha-ra’s conversation. He starts to have flashbacks about what people have been saying to him recently about breaking up with Ha-ra and their relationship not being as good as he thinks. However, Ha-ra’s conversation with her mother is not about Eun-beom but about her father. Eun-beom is devastated regardless.

The team holds a celebratory dinner for CEO Seo’s win and Attorney Kang’s pregnancy but they end up quarrelling at dinner. Eun-beom is bummed out about the misunderstanding in Ha-ra’s conversation and during dinner, he ruins the mood with his sarcastic comments. He later leaves without waiting for Ha-ra, which makes her angry.

After a phone call with Ha-ra, he goes to wait for her at her apartment and breaks up with Ha-ra. He breaks up since she could not give up on having kids and he could not change his mind. Their ideologies do not match. Ha-ra is confused about why he broke up with her.

The next day on her way to work, she gets into an accident when a car rams into her at a red light. Later she gets the couple’s divorce case. The couple has had three divorces already.

At work, Eun-beom easily tells everyone about their breaking up. Ha-ra had been uncertain about it but after he told their colleagues, she was shocked but knew it was the end. At night in a drunken stupor, she calls Eun-beom constantly crying and regretting the breakup.

At work, Eun-beom seems to not be affected at all by the breakup. Ha-ra contemplates quitting work since he knows Eun-beom will never give up on working at the office. Eun-beom starts rejecting her calls.

Ha-ra figures out her clients might not be certain about wanting a divorce but they are both stubborn to give in to the other. She tries to figure out how to solve the case without them divorcing for the sake of the couple’s child. Mr Sung, one of the office assistants expresses interest in Ga-ram’s wife. Ha-ra pretends to accidentally send a text meant for the wife to the husband telling her someone in the office is interested in her and they should grab dinner after the divorce is done. Ga-ram calls Ha-ra back furious that someone else wants his wife.

Si-wook and Bi-chwi have an argument, which ends with Si-wook falling down the stairs. Ha-ra’s plan to bring her clients together fails when they get into a huge fight and ends up in the hospital. His words about his relationship being ill-fated get to Ha-ra and she starts to think about how her relationship with Eun-beom had been a series of breakups and makeups.

Eun-beom calls her with updates about Si-wook. She tells him to stop calling, stop worrying, and to stop being good to her since whenever he does that, she waivers. She is going to try and get over him since she thinks they were not meant to be. Theirs is a relationship with an obvious ending. She apologizes for making him uncomfortable with constant calls and thanks him for creating great memories.

Attorney Kang and Attorney Kwon make up outside the hospital and agree if Kwon’s family does not agree to the baby taking Bi-chwi’s last name that she would give it up.

Ha-ra updates that her clients finally agreed on a divorce and the wife will be taking care of the child while the husband provides child support. Eun-beom informs CEO Seo that he will quit working at the office. He is having some kind of illness that might be caused by extreme stress. He plans to leave by the end of the month.

CEO Seo thinks he joined the company with ulterior motives and now he is running away just like he did three years ago since it did not work out between him and Ha-ra.

The Episode Review

The call between Ha-ra and Eun-beom was so heartbreaking that I could feel the lump getting heavier and heavier in my heart. However, I think Eun-beom does not deserve Ha-ra. He is a coward who keeps running away and hurting her repeatedly disregarding her feelings. The plot about him being sick is not that encouraging. Would be better if Ha-ra is the one leaving the office to start fresh somewhere else without Eun-beom.

On the other hand, I think attorney Kwon is indulging attorney Kang too much. Relationships are built on understanding and compromises but it should not be that one partner is giving up everything he believes in while the other keeps asking for more. Also, it is psychological torture when she keeps threatening him with not marrying him or not having the baby whenever they have disagreements.

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