Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Power of Love

Episode 10 of Strangers Again starts at the restaurant after Eun-beom’s mother walks in to find them on a date. They fail to unanimously say whether or not they are on a date and she offers to buy them an expensive meal with her card.

Elsewhere, Attorney Kang and Attorney Kwon debate about getting married. Bi-chwi thinks Si-wook is making an absurd offer but he is sincere about wanting to get married and raise the kid together. Before they agree, CEO Seo walks in needing to talk to them about his case with the ex-wife. She is suing her boyfriend for custody of their pet dog. CEO Seo wants Bi-chwi to accompany him to the agreement meeting since she spoke English. She says she had a previous important meeting and could not accompany him.

Si-wook figures that the important appointment is abortion surgery. He asks Bi-chwi to give him chance to talk after work to which she agrees. He goes ahead to make a prompt marriage proposal but Bi-chwi rejects him.

Ha-ra and Eun-beom are heading home from their date and talk about being in trouble since his mother had asked them to eat together the next day. Ha-ra intends to go see Eun-beom’s mother so she could tell her that they were not dating officially until they decide on the baby issue.

Ha-ra meets Eun-beom’s mother and requests her to give him a conditional gift. He will be given a high-end building he wants among his mother’s lists of assets in return for him changing his mind about having children.

Bi-chwi could not have the appointment since the doctor was sick. When she gets back home, she finds a care package from Si-wook which makes her emotional. She calls to ask him to do her a favour and quit his work. Elsewhere, CEO Seo got jealous of his wife after seeing her with someone else in the discussions about who should have Charlie as their dog.

Ha-ra’s mother asks Eun-beom to meet her without Ha-ra knowing about it. She knows about them dating again and about the fact that he did not have a woman back then. She is angry that he chose to hurt Ha-ra that way. She tells him to break up with Ha-ra but he tells her that he cannot do that unless Ha-ra wants to break up with him.

At work, CEO Seo tells the team to help out with the lawsuit about Charlie’s ownership. Attorney Kang will take point and Ha-ra will also assist. The team agrees and after the meeting, Attorney Kwon requests they take it easy on Attorney Kang since she is pregnant. He also discloses that the baby is his and they will be getting married soon.

Turns out Attorney Kwon and Attorney Kang had a discussion and he agreed to support her to be the person she wants to be by staying at home and taking care of the kids and the housework. His ambition is to be a good father and a good husband. He will support her to become a human rights activist or even the minister of justice. She can do all she wants and he will be the homemaker.

Ha-ra and Eun-beom visit Eun-beom’s mother to entice Eun-beom with money so he could change his mind. Instead, he gets really angry and storms out. He tells Ha-ra about his mother using financial threats to control everything. He also tells her about her younger sister who died when she was seven. His mother blames him for her death. He tells her that her sister’s death is the reason why he does not want to have kids.

CEO Seo and Attorney Kang go to submit the case on Charlie’s ownership. The judge is rude and thinks the case is a waste of taxpayers’ money. He, therefore, gives the hearing two dates which anger attorney Kang and CEO Seo. During the last hearing, CEO Seo makes a huge deal about patriotism, which makes the judge give his verdict in favour of his wife.

Eun-beom thinks his and Ha-ra’s relationship is going great but Ha-ra is still not over the fact that he does not want kids. Her mother calls after Eun-beom lies to his mother that they already broke up and she should stop contacting her. Eun-beom overhears the conversation with Ha-ra saying she will try to convince him and if it does not work out, she will end things with him herself.

The Episode Review

The last few episodes have been relaxed and focused on Ha-ra and Eun-beom trying to work on their relationship. This episode also sheds light on the relationship between other cast members and illustrated how much Attorney Kwon loves Attorney Kang. He is willing to give up on his conservative ideals to become a homemaker while his wife pursues her dream. That was a touching moment in the series.

It also touched on CEO Seo and his wife Mi-ok through dog ownership. Will the differences between Ha-ra and Eun-beom regarding having children be the obstacle in their successful reunion or will love be strong enough to hold them together?

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