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Episode 7 of Stay Close Season 1 starts with Ray breaking into Megan’s house and snooping around. Among her belongings, he finds the ring from all those years ago. However, when police show up he hurries out before he’s spotted, speeding off with Fester. Now, Ray is certainly acting erratically, even going so far as to question whether Fester is conspiring against him.

Meanwhile, Erin and Broome try to press Megan over the reason the dancing twins are so desperate to find her. Thankfully they find a breakthrough in the form of another car, this one belonging to Barbie and Ken. They’ve managed to trace it back to a rental company, which in turn allows them to get a proper photo of the pair. Broome also finds a picture of Kayleigh, wearing an orange jacket while hanging with Carlton Flynn. From this, he realizes the girl is a key witness and needs to be brought in for questioning.

Kayleigh then reveals about the spiked drink and how she and Bea ran away from Carlton. She also reveals that Carlton was arguing with an east Asian man wearing a pink hoody at the bar. She claims not to know anything else, but flashbacks reveal differently. Specifically of her running away through the woods.

Although the police stop the questioning there, Megan does not. She presses Kayleigh for more, determined to know what her daughter is hiding. Speaking of which, Dave is livid when he finds out about Megan’s past. In fact, he deliberates over whether they should take some time apart. When he figures out she used to be engaged too, it’s all too much and he walks away.

Broome and Erin realize the big link here to all these disappearances happen to be the police; they’ve got a leak. As we know, it’s Goldberg, and eventually the pair do catch up with where we are and begin to investigate his links to all of this. In his house, Broome finds a missing evidence bag, just as he receives a message. “Megan Pierce is Harry Sutton’s witness.”

Broome continues his investigation, questioning the man in the pink hoody. Thankfully he has a lot of memories from that night, including revealing details that Ray and Guy got into a fight at the bar that night. They also find numerous drugs in Ray’s car, along with Carlton Flynn’s credit card.

Megan receives a voicemail, telling her to meet the following day. He knows what’s happened to Stewart Green and is going to tell her, asking to meet down at the pier. Well, Rudy shows up and believes Megan took Stewart’s money and run away. The bald man stalking her has been Rudy all along, not Stewart. He wants his cut of the money.

Now, it turns out the night Megan skipped town and traveled 20 minutes to her new abode, some of the cash she took was actually meant to pay back Rudy.

Meanwhile, Broome meets Ray and after twisting his arm (quite literally) he admits that he killed Stewart Green. Just before Broome arrests him, Ray manages to slip away and hurries out the door. Despite Ray high-tailing it away, Broome and Erin check Ray’s photos and learn he’s been taking the same photo of the woods for years. Broome discovers a clue and as they actually investigate the ruins (you know, like police officers should do when a dead body is found in the woods), where they uncover a handle on the ground leading to a hidden compartment.

As they head down, they find the charred remains of numerous dead bodies.

The Episode Review

Stay Close continues to creak and groan its way through different plot points, all the while highlighting just how incompetent the police actually are in this series. Not only have they only just decided to use social media (typified by Broome checking out the tattoo at home on his computer) but also they shockingly didn’t bother to search the ground in the woods. Now, given Guy’s body showed up dead, they never once bothered to bring in sniffer dogs, comb the area, search for clues or tape off the whole area to do a proper investigation.

Then again, if someone can move 20 minutes away and evade detection for 17 years then I guess anything’s possible! Stay Close has been a pretty poor, illogical series, despite how watchable it is, with way too many moving parts and a whole bunch of cliches to boot.

It does, however, look like Ray is the main culprit here and after shockingly admitting to Stewart Green’s murder, we’ll have to wait and see what ramifications are in store for him.

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6 thoughts on “Stay Close – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. I just assumed (based on what? who knows!) that they banged on the door enough that someone let them out. Although at that point, you would think someone would have started looking for Goldberg, since he locked them in.

    Can’t argue with the continuity problems and the general stupidity going around. How nobody detected “hand truck” tracks when investigating for Guy’s body or even once the pics were revealed with Flynn at the rock arch.

    Part of the problem here is trying to tie multiple independent threads together: Cassie/Ray/Stewart + Carnival Night serial killer + Flynn disappearance + Goldberg & Ken/Barbie. To keep from revealing one of those threads too early, the police and others have to act like idiots, or we accept that someone has re-invented herself 20 minutes from the original location.

  2. My thoughts exactly McDuff. Can anyone answer this question?
    Also, related, at what stage is Goldberg’s body discovered?
    Loose end after loose end!
    Terrible continuity.

  3. How the heck did Megan and Kayleigh escape the room Goldberg locked them in at the end of episode 6? There’s no explanation whatsoever. Episode 7 starts with them no longer being in the room🙄.

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