Star Wars: Tales of the Empire – Episode 3 “The Path of Hate” Recap & Review

The Path of Hate

Episode 3 of Tales of the Empire kicks off with planet Corvus looking completely unrecognizable, now a desolate land stripped of its resources by the Empire over the years. With the Empire’s fall, the New Republic has taken over, and aims to restore peace and order to the galaxy. 

A group of New Republic emissaries led by Nadura, who is now the Ambassador of the New Republic, arrives on the planet to meet with the Magistrate. Nadura was once a native of Corvus, but now she travels to different worlds as a representative, advocating for their membership in the New Republic.

It’s revealed that the people of Corvus are unaware of the Empire’s defeat and the New Republic’s rule. Wing informs Nadura that Morgan has enslaved the population and is forcing them to work tirelessly without proper food or water. Nadura offers to speak with Morgan, but Wing advises against it.

Despite Wing’s warnings, Nadura insists on an audience with Morgan. Upon meeting Morgan, Nadura proposes making Corvus a member planet of the Senate and asks Morgan to step down voluntarily. Nadura alleges that if Morgan refuses, she will be arrested and treated as a prisoner of the New Republic.

Despite Nadura’s promise of a fair trial, Morgan refuses to step down and turn herself in. She declares that just as her world burned years ago, Corvus will suffer the same fate. Morgan then orders her droids to attack and kill everyone. Nadura contacts R-8 for help and tries to reach her ship, but it is destroyed by Morgan’s assassins.

Later, Morgan’s forces set fire to the entire landscape, instilling fear in the natives and sending a clear message about what will happen if anyone tries to betray her. Morgan then addresses the people, making it clear that they will continue working day and night under her rule.

Meanwhile, Wing finds Nadura, who is on the verge of expiring. Nadura gives Wing a communicator, asking him to be brave until help arrives, but Morgan destroys the communicator, saying that no one can save them from her.

The Episode Review

Morgan Elsbeth is really off the deep end, just like the elder of the Mountain Clan predicted in the first episode. Her thirst for revenge has consumed her so much that violence seems to be her only language now.

She’s enslaved the people of Corre, making them work non-stop without food, and she’s quick to kill anyone who speaks out against her. Even though the Empire fell years ago, she’s kept it a secret from the locals because she’s afraid it might spark another rebellion.

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