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Stardust Telepath – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Cometary Encounter

Episode 1 of Stardust Telepath begins with our protagonist Umika worrying about her first day of high school. She fears no one on Earth will be able to understand her. She notices a shooting star appear and wishes to meet an alien. We cut to a pink-haired girl named Yu, who is confused after looking at her student I.D. During class, Umika reveals bits about herself to the viewers. She’s not the most communicative individual but has a deep fondness for aliens. 

Although Umika feels she doesn’t fit in with society, she feels there is a place or planet in the universe where she belongs. Umika’s determined to find this planet no matter what. Suddenly, Yu arrives and says she’s an alien, surprising Umika. During class, Umika’s surprised that an alien made their presence known this soon. She’s worried that she might not be ready to converse with Yu despite owning an alien language dictionary. 

Before she approaches Yu, Umika hears her classmates refer to Yu’s claims as a joke. This shatters Umika’s desire to interact with Yu for a bit until Yu notices the alien language dictionary in her hands. Yu touches Umika’s forehead to read her emotions and dreams. Umika is taken aback by Yu’s actions as Yu explains this is one of her special powers called Foreheadpathy. Yu wishes people would take her alien origins seriously while Umika struggles to hold a conversation with her. 

Umika contemplates her meeting with Yu at night. She returns to school the following day and has a document prepared for what she wants to say to Yu. Their homeroom teacher, Akane, informs the class they’ll be holding a tag-team scavenger hunt event as a part of her annual class orientation tradition. Yu and Umika team up but Umika has a tough time conversing with Yu on a substantial level. She’s worried that Yu won’t pay her any mind like the others and worries Yu might not be an alien. 

Yu uses her foreheadapathy ability to pinpoint Umika’s feelings. She tells Umika that she can speak to her about anything and shouldn’t hold her emotions in. Yu leads Umika to the roof because she believes they’ll find the item Akane seeks up there. Umika strikes the courage to read the document in front of Yu. She tells Yu about herself from her hobbies to her goal of befriending an alien and traveling to outer space. Yu tells Umika that she adores her dreams and appreciates her for opening up. 

Yu says she wants to return to her home planet soon anyway, and says it’d be great if she and Umika helped each other with their goals. Yu finds the envelope Akane wants them to find and laughs when the note tells them to discuss their dreams. The following day, Umika struggles to ask Yu other questions about her potential alien lifestyle, resulting in her avoiding Yu. Eventually, Yu finds her and asks Umika if she’d like to visit her base (home). 

Yu leads Umika to a lighthouse. Umika notices a space voyage log on a desk, but Yu says she can’t look inside it since it contains personal information she doesn’t want to disclose. Yu reveals she doesn’t have any memories of her life before Earth. Yu says she came to one night, saw her student I.D., and can’t recall what her mission was prior to arriving on Earth. Umika connects her forehead with Yu’s and promises to build a spaceship that’ll help Yu return home. 

The episode closes with a blond-haired girl arriving at Yu’s base. 

The Episode Review

Stardust Telepath opens with a comfy chapter for viewers to sit through. It does a nice job of establishing Umika’s character and preparing fans for the wholesome fun she’ll have with her potential alien companion, Yu. While Umika’s not totally on board with Yu’s claims of being an alien, the series is making it somewhat difficult to pinpoint if Yu’s speaking factually or hiding behind lies. 

Regardless, the characters exhibit fine qualities that will leave viewers intrigued and interested in their future endeavors. Based on other slice-of-life tales of the past and this chapter’s cliffhanger, we can expect more characters to tag along in Umika and Yu’s spaceship-building goals. It’s likely the female character who appears during the episode’s finale will assist them in their goals. 

At the same time, it’d be interesting if this girl served a more skeptical role in the group. It’d add depth and contrast to the tale, making things feel more tense to follow. In addition to having beautiful visuals and compelling humor, this was a great start for this slice-of-life series. I’m excited to see what lies ahead for Umika and Yu as they progress through modern life and strive toward their goals. 


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