Spinning Out – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review



Jenn opens episode 6 of Spinning Out with her entire family around her, supporting her and convinced that she’s going all the way to the Olympic Games. While she forces a smile and tries to put her injury out of her mind, the two sisters greet their Mother again after her time at the hospital. Kat is not so forgiving as Serena though, blowing off her Mother’s fresh start (given this isn’t the first time she’s done this) and leaves. Meanwhile, Justin helps Jenn out and ties up her skates while they discuss their intimate time together the night before.

We finally return to the ice this episode, as Kat gets into a harness and practices her triple jump, while Serena heads off with Justin’s brothers leaving Mitch concerned. Back inside the rink, Kat tries to stave off her panic while Dasha convinces her to count to 6 before jumping. She does it – and nails the landing too. It’s a huge step forward and Justin shares in these celebratory vibes before sharing in private with Dasha that he has feelings for Kat.

Carol heads out to the bank in a bid to get a loan but unfortunately she’s rejected, prompting her mental health issues to come back. With nowhere else to turn, she speaks to Mandy and convinces her to sell the house to raise funds. When she comes to visit however, it’s all too much for her and she takes herself off to the bathroom where she panics and admits to Carol that she’s pregnant. She also had four miscarriages after giving up her first child when she was 15 too.

Justin and Kat continue to grow closer together playing darts, while Jenn heads out to the bar with Gabe and they discuss the possibility of Kat and Justin together. As they do, the duo actually hook up and he admits he has feelings to her, believing they can go all the way to the Olympics together. Kat meanwhile, is not so sure.

At the rink, Jenn looks at the medals and thinks back to her own time on the ice before speaking to Kat and admitting she’s re-injured herself. To save her legs, Kat suggests a routine with little in the way of hard jumps and it seems to do the trick, brightening her mood for the time being. Meanwhile, Carol gives Kat a cheque for the money she took but convinces her not to cash it for a few days until she gets her funds in order. Those funds, as it happens, will be obtained by working for Mandy. With a job under her belt, this may well mean she can ask for a bank loan.

After popping some pills, Kat takes back to the ice again and encourages Justin to try the triple toe jump. While Jenn watches from the side-lines, she finds out that Kat and Justin did indeed sleep together and the flashes to the past see her as second best against Kat, who stands at the top of the podium. As the crowd watch, they completely nail their performance, leading to rapturous applause ringing around around them. As they celebrate, Dasha stumbles and feels dizzy while Kat and Jenn talk. Unfortunately her sleeping with Justin is the final straw and she severs their friendship for good.

Jenn ignores Kat’s advice and takes to the ice, spinning and performing a flawless set, but one mired in emotions as she triple toe jumps and takes to the toilets afterwards, vomiting while clutching her hip. Looking in her reflection, Kat arrives and hands her a bouquet of flowers, calling her perfect. This happens to be a throwback to the past between them and silently she takes the flowers and bins them, leaving her alone in the toilets.

As the episode closes out, Mitch sees Serena’s father Reggie arrive back into the fold while Dasha passes out back home.

With more ice-skating this time and that tgyied in nicely with the character drama, Spinning Out delivers a decent episode here, one that sets things up nicely for the episodes to follow. While the show hasn’t always got the balance right between its teen drama and ice skating elements, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless. Quite what the rest of the show has in store though remains to be seen.


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