Spinning Out – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review



Episode 7 of Spinning Out begins with Dasha flashbacks this time as we see her sporting a gold Olympic medal. Back in the present she watches as Kat and Justin perform their routine at the Regional Finals. Despite what they believe to be a flawless performance, it only puts them in at seventh place. Kat immediately berates her performance and convinces Justin that they need to increase the difficulty of their routine if they’re going to compete – but at what cost to her mental health?

Meanwhile back at the lodge, Marcus’ Mum arrives and he blows off Alana, calling her his concierge rather than a friend or anything closer. She takes offence to this while Kat obsesses over upping the difficulty of their program. Convincing him to follow her lead, Kat flushes away her medication and prepares for the difficult training ahead.

Marcus tries to explain himself to Alana but his silence speaks volumes. He’s obviously still looking to hook up with Kat and while he stews over his choices, Mitch’s complicated relationship with Serena continues to hit roadblocks as Reggie’s return means he’s feeling like a third wheel. Only, Reggie decides that he wants Serena to live with him full-time, throwing even more drama into the fold.

Dasha heads off to the doctors where we learn she has a serious issue with her eyes and could go blind unless she has surgery. The only opening however, happens to be for the following day but for now she remains adamant she needs to be there for her students instead. Back at the bar, Marcus puts his foot down over Kat’s erratic behaviour toward work and she eventually throws in the towel and quits.>

At the Baker household, Reggie decides to open a custody battle for Serena and as things become heated, they eventually decide to find a middle ground and let Serena make a choice of where she wants to live in the future. She heads up to Dasha’s in a bid to speak to Kat but with her nowhere to be found, she sits with Dasha instead and the two have a heart to heart where we learn what happened in Dasha’s past.

Like Mother, like daughter – Kat pushes herself and heads back to the rink with Justin and the two skate until Justin is absolutely exhausted. A pumped up Kat caves for now after George tells them to leave and in the morning, Jenn and Kat continue their fight, “I hope you fall”, Kat bites at her. It’s really harsh too and one that appears to completely sever their ties and also act as a horrible bit of foreshadowing.

On the ice, Kat and Justin perform a perfect routine, bumping them up to fourth place overall. Backstage Gabe and Leah berate their performance but wait for them to go to the Sectionals before really going in hard on them. Meanwhile, Jenn takes to the ice for the Regional Qualification while her Father watches on eagerly. Although she nails the jump, she falls and slides across the ice, clutching her hip in pain.

Back home, Serena makes her decision and stays with Carol and while Justin sleeps, we see Kat in the bathroom staring at her reflection. Her phone is completely blowing up with messages and she sees Kat fall firsthand, prompting her to bite her arm again before composing herself and leaving the room where we leave the episode.

I actually really like Jenn, she’s by far the most likable character here and seeing her fall on the ice was really, really hard to watch. There’;s a wonderful balance this episode too between the ice skating and drama, which really encapsulates everything that’s been going on off the rink spilling over to the performances on the ice. For this alone, the show has done a wonderful job balancing that this episode but that hasn’t always been the case which is a bit of a shame.

For now though, Spinning Out closes its performance with a very strong episode, one that’s easily the best of the series so far and leaves plenty of unanswered questions hanging over this one going forward.


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