Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Boss Guide: Tips on defeating Venom

It’s finally time to end Venom’s hold over the city. In the last mission of the game, titled ‘Together,’ you will take on the Symbiote menace as both Miles and Peter. The fight is a long one and occasionally quite difficult but fear not. We have compiled a list of handy tip to help you beat Venom and complete the Story section of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. 

Go get ‘im Spidey(s)!

Phase 1

Be sure to upgrade your abilities before you take on this final battle as you want to be as prepared as possible to take Venom down. 

If you do have problems, lower the difficulty level to make the fight a little easier. 

The first phase begins after Venom turns the local high school into a boss fight arena. You take control of Peter for this first round, so remember to use your Anti-Venom abilities as well as the environment to create some high-frequency noises as these will immobilize Venom and give you time to show him who’s the real boss!

Venom has a few tricks of his own, so be ready for these. In this first phase, his attacks are as follows:

– 3-Move Combo – This consists of a right-hand swipe, a left-hand swipe, and a leaping Crush attack. You can parry the swipes but his leaping attack needs to be dodged. 

– Tendril Explosion – Venom will bound towards you and slam his fists down into the ground. This will cause a ripple of tendrils to shoot out across the floor so dodge these when the time is right. 

– Grabbing Tendril – When lines appear around Venom, you know he’s preparing himself for an attack. One of these attacks is this grabbing move in which he stretches out his tendril arm to grab and crush you. Dodge this attack and then quickly move in towards Venom for an attack of your own.

– Overhead Slams – Venom will perform a series of overhead slams which will happen in quick succession. Get ready to dodge these as if you’re caught by one, you will likely be caught by the others.

– Symbiote Shockwaves – Venom will leap into the air and slam down into the ground, sending out shockwaves around him. These will cover the entire floor so web zip to a higher position.

Use these tips to avoid damage and when you get a window of opportunity, lay down the hurt on your foe using your abilities, gadgets, and the environment. When you have whittled down his health bar to zero, you will move onto the next phase.

Phase 2

Venom will develop a shield this round, as symbolised by the white health bar at the top of the HUD. 

This health bar can only be depleted by your Anti-Venom abilities so don’t use these on the Symbiote minions that attack you during this phase. Their only purpose (besides being a nuisance) is to help you charge your Anti-Venom abilities so you can attack Venom and bring down his extra health bar.

When you have depleted both of Venom’s health bars, he will turn on Peter and render him unconscious. The Symbiote will then sprout wings and carry Peter to the EMF building. 

Phase 3

With Peter out for the count, it’s up to Miles to step into the arena for this part of the battle. As Venom now has the ability to fly, he has a few new attacks this round. These include:

– Projectile Attack – While in the air, Venom will throw a series of projectiles at you. The yellow projectiles can be dodged and the red projectiles can be thrown back at Venom with a press of the L1 and R1 buttons. When Venom is dazed by this counter-attack, zip up to him using the triangle button and lay down a few attack moves of your own. 

– Flying Grab – Venom will sometimes fly towards you with an arm outstretched to grab you. Dodge this attack when you see him coming. 

– Arm Stretch – Venom will extend his arm out towards you from his airborne position. Sadly, he isn’t trying to shake hands and make amends as he actually wants to punch you. Dodge or parry this move. 

When Venom is in the air, zip over to him with a press of the L2 and R2 buttons and use your melee attacks and abilities. Your Chain Lightning and Venom Punch abilities are especially effective, so use these as well as the other moves at your disposal.

After you have depleted most of Venom’s health bar, he will drop to the ground. From this position, he will take a swipe at you with his tendril arms (dodge or parry these attacks) and will carry out a 4-combo version of his Swipe and Crush attack. As before, parry the swipes and get out of the way when he leaps at you. 

When Venom’s health has been depleted, a cutscene will play out wherein the Symbiote causes the floor to collapse. Miles will kick Venom down to the lower part of the building where the next stage of the fight takes place.

Phase 4

Venom is more aggressive this round with a new floor attack to keep you on (or off) your toes. He will send out a wave of tendrils across the floor, so you’ll need to move to higher ground to avoid taking damage. While you’re up high, scan the area for sonic barrels and use L1 and R1 to throw these at Venom. When he’s immobilized, fight with everything you have to bring down his health bar.

During this phase, Venom will sprout wings again and throw clusters of projectiles at you from his airborne position. These will track your location so you’ll need to keep moving to avoid damage. 

Continue to get as many attacks on Venom as you can and you will eventually bring his health to zero. A cutscene will play out, in which Peter, Miles, and MJ team up to bring down the alien menace once and for all. 

This is the last Story mission of the game but you can still keep playing. So, choose your favourite Spider-Man and take to the city to finish off any side missions and collectible hunts that you missed before your battle with Venom.


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Hopefully, this boss guide will help you take down Venom! Are we missing anything here that you’d recommend players know? Do let us know in the comments below!

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