Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ending Explained – Who is Cindy Moon?

Is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 the greatest superhero game ever made? The critics certainly think so, with many reviewers praising the game’s stellar graphics, fast-moving gameplay, and a story that holds plenty of surprises throughout the 15-hour playthrough. 

Insomniac’s latest title features not one but two Spider-Men for gamers to control, with both Peter Parker and Miles Morales playing significant roles within the game’s narrative. Another playable character is Mary Jane but if you’re anything like this writer, you may have resented the stealth sections she is a part of as her sections of the game take away the fun of the web-swinging and the entertaining combat. 

At the very end of the game, during the post-credits scene, Mile’s mom introduces him to Albert Moon, her new love interest. We’re sure Albert’s an interesting guy but we’re doubting he will have great significance in the next Spider-Man game. His daughter, on the other hand, whom Albert introduces to Miles, is likely to have more involvement. Her name is Cindy and while she might appear to be a perfectly normal teenage girl, many comic book fans will already know about her secret identity. 

So, who is Cindy Moon? And what secrets could she be hiding? Let’s take a closer look at the game and the intriguing post-credits ending. 

Who are the villains of Spider-Man 2?

Peter and Miles barely have a moment to rest in Spider-Man 2 as a number of legendary villains turn up to interrupt their daily lives. These include Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, The Lizard, Mysterio, and Mr. Negative. 

For the first half of the game, it’s Kraven the Hunter and his henchmen who causes the webslingers the most amount of trouble, with the other bad guys popping up in side quests adjacent to the main story.

After defeating Kraven, you might assume the game is almost over. But nothing could be further from the truth. There is still several hours of playtime to get through, with another big bad rearing his ugly head: Venom!

What is Venom’s evil plan?

Venom’s arrival will be of no surprise to players as his presence is hinted at throughout the game. For one thing, we see that Harry Osbourne is bonded with the alien symbiote near the start of the game’s story, as this symbiosis, given to him at a secret lab, is the only thing keeping him alive following his diagonosis with a rare neurological disorder. 

Harry is able to control the symbiote for a while, but as the game progresses, both his mind and body are taken over by Venom, and the two Spider-Men are forced to confront him.

Later in the game, the Spider team track down a meteorite that Venom is using to take over New York. Their plan is to find the meteorite and destroy it in a particle accelerator, as this will prevent Venom from using his hive mind to take over the city’s residents. The plan works but as expected, Harry falls sick again after he has been freed from the alien. When he almost dies, Miles uses his shock powers to bring him back to life. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to cure Harry of the disease that is slowly killing him.

Does Harry die?

Harry doesn’t die but he does fall into a coma. His dad, Norman Osbourne, holds Spider-Man accountable for this, which may lead him down a path of revenge in the next game.

Traditional medicine doesn’t work on Harry but it turns out Norman has been concocting a cure of his own – the G-Serum. What could this be? Well, it is likely to be the Goblin Serum that has featured in various versions of Spider-Man’s story. As such, it can be assumed that Harry will become the Green Goblin in the next Spidey game. There’s also a chance that Harry might die, leading to a vengeful Norman using the serum on himself to become the Goblin. 

What happens in the first post-credits scene?

In the first post-credits scene, Norman visits Otto Octavious (Doctor Octopus) in prison. Norman wants Doc Ock to reveal the identity of the two Spider-Men but Otto refuses to unmask them.

At the end of this scene, Norman notices Otto is writing something. When asked what he is writing, Otto says its “the final chapter.”

What could this mean? It might be that Otto is planning revenge on the Spider-Men himself, hence his refusal to reveal their identities. The so-called “final chapter” could be part of his plan to bring them to a sticky end. If this is the case, we will likely see Doctor Octopus in the next game, alongside the Green Goblin and the character of Cindy, whose identity we discuss below.

Who is Cindy Moon?

In the second post-credits scene, Rio Morales (Mile’s mom) introduces her son to her new love interest, Albert Moon. With Albert is his daughter Cindy, who is seen right before this final sequence ends. 

The person Miles meets is Cindy Moon, the real-life identity of the superhero Silk, who first appeared in comic book form in 2014. In the comics, Cindy is bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter and she gains similar powers to our web-slinging hero. The two of them then teamed up to take down various bad guys, including Electro (who is presumed dead near the beginning of the Spider-Man 2 game). 

Could Cindy Moon pop up again in the next game? We’re betting so, and as Peter Parker seems to be easing himself into semi-retirement at the end of Spider-Man 2, we’re assuming Miles will be teaming up with Cindy in Spider-Man 3. Presumably, the two of them will be battling against Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin.

This is all speculation, of course. But what do you think? Could Cindy become the superhero known as Silk? Will Norman and Otto try to get revenge on Spidey in the next game? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Did you enjoy Spider-Man 2? What are your thoughts on the ending? Be sure to leave us a comment to let us know.


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