Somebody Somewhere – Season 1 Episode 4 “Feast of St Francis” Recap & Review

Feast of St Francis

Episode 4 of Somebody Somewhere begins with Joel blessing animals. It’s an amusing scene but as the sun beats down, he ends up with  a nasty case of sunburn.

At the same time, Sam speaks to Ed at the dining table. She and Tricia have been speaking and they’re concerned about the farm. Given the state of the house, with plates piled up and garbage all over the table, it speaks volumes about his mental state.

Between this and paying for MJ’s therapy sessions, Ed has been struggling. As we find out later in the episode, he’s also feeling a little vulnerable too.

Ed is worried that MJ will fall madly in love with someone else while in rehab or, worse, she’ll realize she can do better and leave him. Sam reassures her dad that’s not what’s going to happen but it does help explain his thinking.

Sam meets with Fred and asks whether there’s a chance of getting free labour on her farm. Thankfully there is an opportunity, and it comes from a professor at the local university.

On Sam’s way home, she notices Rick and his truck. Atfer cornering him, she confronts him about dealing drugs. He admits that’s exactly what he’s doing and Rick throws his hands up in apology. He urges Sam to keep this to herself.

Meanwhile, Joel’s earlier animal blessings have caught the attention of the local pastor. She wants him to be a minister for the church but Joel refuses. As he heads off, we cut back to Sam who notices Rick outside the back of Tricia’s shop that night, holding hands with one of Tricia’s friends.

The Episode Review

Compared to last week’s comedic chapter, this week takes a step back and leans into the drama side of things instead. We learn a little more about Ed, Sam tries to get free labour for the farm and Joel is conflicted in his life choices. And to be honest, that’s about it.

Seeing Sam take home a stranger after getting drunk is an odd inclusion, despite this being a slice of life moment I guess, but it’s never mentioned again or has any bearing on the plot either.

Meanwhile, the show’s issues involving Rick are about the closest thing to an overarching storyline right now as Sam’s “big fish in a little pond” subplot seems to have dematerialized completely.

Hopefully things pick up in the coming chapters, but this one feels like a step back.

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