Solos – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Solos begins in space, with an AI called TYM speaking to an elderly lady called Peg. She’s been awake for 15 hours and a study has just begun.

Peg signed up for this mission because she knows she’s not coming back. Apparently, she’s just what the company have been looking for and she marvels at the opportunity she has to head off and explore the stars. With the tranquil nothingness of space surrounding her, we learn a little more about Peg’s life.

It turns out her Father had cancer when he was five and died a few days after her sixth party. They used to do TikTok videos together and they had a RememberMe bot. It seems like Tom from the episode before is what’s being referenced here.

Anyway, six months after his passing, Peg lost her Mother too. She was hit by a glitching driverless car. Pam’s Mother was never fond of Tom 2 but kept the façade up for the kids nonetheless.

When the authorities learned about the bot thy were living with, Peg and Wilder were moved across to Bedford. This was a tough time for her, with her one friend a popular boy called Ming Chon.

An impassioned story follows, talking about time (a recurring theme in this anthology) and how one moment leads to another. Eventually it sees Peg as a 51 year old, missing out on an opportunity to be with Ming Chon; a decision that could have changed her whole life. Peg lives in regret, swimming in the “what ifs” of alternate futures.

The whole reason she applied for this space flight is simply because she wanted to be counted. This AI, TYM, listens to her story and reassures Peg, telling her she does matter. They’re on a ship of no return but Peg clings to a small glimmer of hope. She wants to head back and live her best life now.

The Episode Review

The recurring theme in this anthology seems to be time. Specifically, the passing of time and making the most of every moment on this planet. The moon symbolically represents the rhythm of time, and the fact it’s referenced so much in this chapter only reinforces that.

It’s a clever and impactful motif, one told through the captivating eyes of Peg and, more specifically, Helen Mirren’s world-class acting. The entire 30 minute segment is beautifully portrayed, with the ups and downs of Peg’s life showcased for all to see.

Interestingly, this episode ties in nicely to Tom’s chapter from before, as we gain valuable worldbuilding hidden in the little details of this dialogue.

Specifically we learn that the other-Tom from before is a RememberMe bot and Peg is the grown-up, tough-as-nails daughter that Tom raised. Unfortunately the death of both her parents has completely shattered her confidence and made her hold back from being her true self.

It’s a story tinged in sadness and poignancy, leading to a somewhat bittersweet ending as this voyage is clearly not coming back to Earth.

This is easily the best chapter of the anthology so far, and it’ll be interesting too see what else this show has in store for us.

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