Solos – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Solos changes the focus to Tom, a man who sits talking to his doppelganger in his work office. Tom has paid 30 grand for this opportunity, but as he begins ranting he suddenly starts coughing uncontrollably.

After a failed call to customer care, Tom learns about a quotient that scores various negative personality traits has been drawn up about him. However, Tom has 4-5 months left of his life – which explains the coughing.

In that time, Tom has been unable to speak to his parents. In fact, he has an estranged relationship with her, thanks in part to Tom’s own inhibition to ring back. This other-Tom seems to be a replacement of sorts, and as Tom briefs him about work issues the attention turns back to family.

Tom’s hard façade chips away as tears stream down his face. He gives Tom instructions for looking after his family, giving an impassioned monologue about his life. The attention turns to Peg, his “commander in chief” and a girl that’s tough as nails. A mini-Tom as he refers to her.

After giving over these tasks, other-Tom retorts back that he’s going to make sure he’s not going to be just like this version. As a sign of respect, he’ll intentionally mess little tasks up so the family will always remember him. Unfortunately Tom is out of time and he’s forced to face the inevitably.

The Episode Review

Time. It’s such a finite resource and how we use that every day is the difference between a good and a bad life. Family is the most important thing of course, and love for your family is a priceless jewel that can’t be replaced.

This episode takes place in an unspecified period of time in the future, where androids (presumably), can take over one’s life when the time arrives. There’s a subtlety to these episodes, with lots hidden details in the dialogue.

Tom’s coughing and mentioning he only has 4-5 months left hints that he’s seriously ill and hanging on lymphoma when talking about Wilder only reinforces that. It’s these little details that help make Solos such an enjoyable watch.

However, it’s also still a one-set show and more a showcase of acting talent than an outstanding sci-fi piece. At least for now. It’ll be interesting to see if these episodes all tie together but either way, Solos bows out with another decent episode.

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