Snowpiercer – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Original Sinners

Episode 10 of Snowpiercer Season 3 starts with Melanie reflecting on how she’s shattered the dreams of many onboard the Snowpiercer. Her truth-telling has fractured the train once more, with those who believe in New Eden and those who don’t. In the wake of this growing threat, Wilford has capitalized and finds himself with Audrey, revelling in the coming battle.

Despite the lie – which Layton owns – the old battle lines have have been drawn. The Tailies are rallying with Layton while the upper-echelons of society, including all the Brakemen, are joining Wilford. And of course, Melanie is right there in the middle of everything. The “Tail Army” are determined to gain control of the train and change course, forcing them toward New Eden. Melanie and the others are prepared to fight against that outcome.

With Wilford in charge of the Nightcar, Osweiller leaves and switches sides to Layton. Roche shows up with the troops though, giving them 2 hour to change their minds and stand down. Of course, that’s met with a resounding “no chance.”

Wilford’s tank, Bojan Boscovic, is back too and with him now scarred and impervious to pain, Wilford sets him loose down the train. Chasing Ruth, she manages to outsmart him, knocking the man out with a vent.

However, Wilford is outsmarted as Andre and Melanie both double-cross him and force the guy into the same carriage Melanie arrived in. With enough suspension fluid for six months, Javi uses a crane to lift him out of the train and onto the adjacent track, where he’ll stay until season 4. “Now we’ll see who’s the real survivor.” He whispers, as he heads in a different direction to the Snowpiercer.

With the schemer gone, Melanie and Layton decide to allow the people onboard the train to vote on what they want to do – go to New Eden or stay on the Snowpiercer. The train will separate in a little under six hours and in that time, everyone will need to choose which side they’re going to be on.

Of course, in order to build up the tension here and set everything up for season 4, most of the friendship ties are broken in favour of the two different sides. Alex chooses to stay with Layton while Melanie separates. Till changes her mind at the last second and jumps over with Audrey. Bennet and Javi also find themselves on separate sides while Osweiller and LJ are separated, although the latter ends up choking on something after being shoved by an unknown figure. As she gasps for air, LJ collapses on the ground.

The train arrives at New Eden and despite Melanie claiming that the temperature was less than 0 degrees, there’s water, sun beaming down on the land and a surprising lack of snow too. Maybe this could be home after all?

Before we find out for sure, we cut forward three months to follow Melanie on her train. A rocket propels into the air and explodes in the distance, seemingly hinting that there’s another colony out there…but who? We’ll have to wait for season 4!

The Episode Review

Well that was a bit of a mess! Snowpiercer bows out this finale with a misfiring final episode that hurries through a manufactured conflict. Seeing the train suddenly break down into two sides about to duke it out without much warning doesn’t feel genuine. The show has had a knack of throwing in these massive finales and that’s fine, but most of what’s here feels like it’s prepping for season 4 rather than genuinely progressing the characters and story.

We’re essentially back at square one again, albeit with Wilford and Melanie switching places. The train is split in two, we’re back to two different factions and although New Eden is finally found, the pay off doesn’t feel as earned.

Personally, I think it would have been good to see the train united as one, make it to New Eden, only to find the place is not paradise but just as cold and hostile as before. Have something happen with the train, with Melanie losing faith in Wilford and then start the rebellion and the train splitting in two.

Then you could have Layton and the others heading out onto the ice to try and search for New Eden while Melanie and co. leave. In their absence, Layton scales a mountain to see and then realize just on the horizon there’s the place they’re looking for, complete with the lake and a potential place to build a settlement.

However, with a new showrunner onboard for season 4 there’s definitely hope for this one getting back on track but for now, season 3 bows out with a rather disappointing ending to a disappointing season.

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11 thoughts on “Snowpiercer – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I enjoyed snow piercer I would not miss season 4 can’t Wait for it. Love all the actors and actresses. They all made the show come alive I even like Wilfured he is the twist of evil there

  2. Did the show say somewhere that a whole revolution only took 3 months? Seems kind of fast. And why would Melanie think it is safe to go to New Eden after only 3 months? The bridge that Layton’s train went over must be destroyed. They probably only made it because the train was carrying less weight. It looked like there were cars in the explosion. Maybe they were train cars. Someone from Wilford’s side could have been trying to sabatoge New Eden, but I can’t see why were there enough explosives on board? Maybe it was a volcanic eruption. That would be one way to warm up the earth. Why is it that there are so few babies on the train? Are people infertile?

  3. Melanie is changing her mind more often than socks!
    That was the hard part to swallow in the last episodes. The intrigue starts to feel artificial.

  4. Surrounding the whole world takes 3 months.
    After 3 months arrive at the same place they were
    3 months ago they broke up with Wilford
    So the one who fired the rocket was Wilford.

  5. I don’t know about anyone else but I had to quit watching Snowpiercer due to the terrible audio. I could never understand 90% of the dialog due to the poor sound mixing and whispering.

  6. I Think They Did That to make content for season 4 Which I Think is gonna be one killer season

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