Snabba Cash – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Things Just Happened This Way

Episode 4 of Snabba Cash begins with Leya making a tough choice to see Marko. He agrees to speak with Ravy but on one condition – Leya needs to be there as well. When she shows up, cacophonic shouting erupts between the two groups.

Eventually though they calm down, as Leya serves as the witness to the bad blood bubbling between them. Dani and Ravy are both forced to apologize to Marko.

After coming to an agreement, Leya is livid and lashes out at Ravy, telling him not to get her mixed up in all this again. When Ravy leaves, Salim tries to speak his piece with Leya, admitting that she makes him happy and could be the light at the end of his very dark tunnel. Unfortunately Leya drives away before allowing him to finish.

Meanwhile, Tim takes his friends into the woods on a hike. Once there, he shows them both his loaded gun and fires it into the water. They don’t want anything to do with this though, backing away from the firearm.

Tim eventually shows up at the parking lot where both Nala and Osman give him a bag holding the next delivery job. When he drives off on his bike, Tim’s Father spies him from afar and immediately stops the kid. Instinctively, he throws the bag down next to him.

When Tim shows back up later that day, the bag is nowhere to be found. Uh oh.

Back at the hideout, Salim speaks to Ravy and admits that he’s a mess. He’s stressed out and getting cold feet about this line of work. He even tells Ravy that he wants to leave the operation. Ravy however, refuses to let him do this.

Angry and upset, Salim leaves out the front door and brushes aside Tim’s pleas for help. He has problems of his own and tells Tim to deal with it himself.

Leya shows back up at work where Viktoria approaches and asks about the co-ownership deal. Leya has obviously forgotten all this but reassures the girl that this will be a thing.

When Tomas finds out, he has other ideas for her. He laughs incredulously when Leya tells him about the 6% stake. Even worse, Ravy wants a slice of this same pie too. He picks up Sami from school for her; a display of power to show that he’s serious.

Instead of handing back his investment, he wants her to keep the money in and grow his shares. With all these moving parts, Leya takes a ruthless stance and takes Viktoria out the equation, buying out her engineer, Vlad. This, in turn, backstabs her colleague completely to keep the momentum moving.

That evening, Tim ignores numerous calls from the burner and tries to work out what to do. He’s not the only one though – Salim finds himself conflicted but Ravy reassures him up on the roof. He tells Salim that his 2 million share in Leya’s company will grow and in doing so, give them a way out.

Nala and Osman eventually find Tim at his house and blindside him, forcing the boy to leave and head to Ravy’s hideout. There, Tim is forced into working directly with Ravy, doing anything he tells him to do.

The Episode Review

This episode really slows the pacing down, without much plot development. As a slice of life drama into this whole gang set-up, Snabba Cash is quite interesting but we’ve seen it done lots of times before. The show creators seem to know that too and in doing so, add in a whole angle with Leya and her work. Sometimes this works quite well but other times it feels tonally jarring.

Aside from the bag fiasco and Leya’s money woes, there’s really not a lot else going on here. Hopefully the next episode can pick things up, but for now Snabba Cash has settled into a melodramatic rhythm.

The desire here is obviously to try and show a boots-on-the-ground approach, but in doing so this show feels like it’s trudging through syrup. Hopefully things will pick up with the final two episodes to go.

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