Snabba Cash – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Friends and Family

Episode 3 of Snabba Cash begins with Leya taking steps toward buying out Marcus’ shares with Ravy’s money. However, things take an unexpected turn when Leya finds out she’s being interviewed on Friday.

Tomas shows up at Leya’s apartment and drives her in a lavish sports car straight up to a stadium. There, men and women from Dagens Magazine stand waiting for her, including photographer John.

Leya rings Salim and tells him about the deal, inviting him out for drinks to celebrate. Salim is a little tied up though, smoking in a parking lot. There, he reconvenes with Nala and Osman but police cars show up like buzzards. They close in on their location, prompting Salim to force Osman into swallowing the phone SIM card.

Things get worse though. Because of the issues last episode, Ravy learns that Marko has burnt bridges with them and they’re not part of the business anymore. Ravy is too proud to talk to Marko, and instead leaves them with a difficult decision going forward.

As day breaks, Nala and Osman rely on Tim to ferry drugs around to different cars. This seems to work well too, bagging himself a good amount of money in the process.

The group next rely on Tim for intel surrounding Dani’s house. With a big dog and recon work done, Salim and Nala show up and break inside. In the commotion, the dog is killed and the group are forced to flee.

Tim runs into trouble when he’s ferrying drugs the next day, as a pair of young men refuse to cough up 5 grand and walk away. This eventually falls to Salim to handle, as he heads in to the club.

There, Salim learns the truth about Tim bumping up the price and trying to pull a fast one. He’s not happy with the kid and reminds him not to play with fire. In fact, Salim tells him he needs to focus on his education and be careful going forward.

The next day, Tim buys himself a new moped to ride around in. Next time he speaks to Nala and Osman, they hand over a gun and remind him not to take any flack from anyone again.

Meanwhile, things between Salim and Leya start to go well, with the pair sleeping together that night. The following day though, Leya heads into work invigorated and with money in the bank. Tomas gives her three months to get the project done and reminds her this job is 24/7. Although she agrees, you can tell this is going to be important going forward.

Ravy’s plan to speak to Marko immediately goes awry. Marko and his right-hand man wave a gun in his face and force Ravy to walk away from the car. With nowhere else to turn, he shows up before Leya, asking for the money he gave her. Only, Salim happens to be there too, caught in the middle of this conflict as the truth around who he is is finally revealed.

The Episode Review

There are moments of Snabba Cash that really do echo Top Boy and other shows of its kind. There’s a ground-level grittiness to this series that’s accentuated by the handheld cameras following the group around. This does, as mentioned before, cause issues with the shakiness during chases, but it’s not too much of a hindrance.

However, this episode focuses a lot more on Tim, whose story is one that’s echoed by many young boys and girls desperate to fit in and make themselves look cool. Seeing his whole journey into the depths of this drug-fueled enterprise is really eye-opening and pretty accurate too.

With Salim’s secret now out and Leya put in a difficult position going forward, this crime drama leaves the door wide open for the episodes to come.

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