Smiley – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Red Thread

What does the red thread mean?

There’s drama abound after the tragic New Year’s Eve party. Although Albert and Nuria renewed their vows (and their fiery passion for one another), it’s less happy for most of our characters. Javier finds himself alone after Ramiro left, Bruno and Ramon are a mess after the former called his partner “tasteless beer”, and Alex is lost at sea. He’s with Ibra but clearly his heart lies elsewhere.

The finale to Smiley Season 1 begins with Bruno phoning the bar but when Alex answers, he hangs up. After cutting his finger slicing lemons, Alex realizes his finger has actually been replaced with a thread, the same red invisible thread that Bruno mentioned in episode 1, binding two people together. It’s a dream, of course, but it’s an indication of just what Alex really desires.

Do Patri and Vera stay together?

Time has passed and Patri and Vero are on the verge of moving into a new apartment together. Things are still a little tense between them, and Vero is eventually distracted when Ibra messages, asking for help. Patri signs over the forms for their new apartment, which Bruno happens to be in charge of. “Love takes root in unexpected places,” She says, as Bruno ends up thinking of Alex, while Patri finds herself wondering what to make of her current relationship.

Patri eventually heads back home and confronts Vero. She senses that her heart isn’t really in this move and their new place doesn’t feel like a home. In fact, Vero hasn’t even started packing yet. She blames it on New Years and all the drama they’ve been through together but the truth is, the pair have grown apart. Vero isn’t happy with Patri and despite spending 7 years together, and clearly still feeling love for one another, they clearly want very different things in life now.

What is Ibra’s gift to Alex?

Things between Ramon and Bruno are still awkward, especially at work where they end up bickering about New Year’s. However, it’s overshadowed a little by Albert leaving his position and a new management position opening up, which Ramon is happy to accept.

Ramiro shows up to see Javi at the bar, where he reveals he’s not leaving Barcelona after all. After resolving the issues he had with Rosa, he’s intent on patching things up with Javi next. He finally decides to embrace his true feelings and not waste any more time.

Meanwhile, Ibra gives Alex his gift on epiphany night, handing over an envelope that happens to have tickets for them to go on vacation together to Senegal, meeting Ibra’s parents. Ibra doesn’t want to miss this chance, pointing out that he’s falling in love… but does Alex really feel the same way?

How does Smiley end?

On the way to the airport, Alex ends up ringing Bruno but he agonizingly misses the call given he’s over at Albert’s for Christmas. Just like all those episodes ago, Alex leaves a voicemail. Bruno ends up listening to part of this and, upon realizing Alex’s feelings are real, charges up to the airport as quickly as he can. Unfortunately he’s too late, and with low battery and the gate closed, Bruno leaves empty-handed.

As fate would have it, Bruno’s taxi driver happens to be the same one for Alex! Anyway, he drives the heartbroken guy home, where Alex shows up with his suitcase. He didn’t go after all! In fact, he left one smiley face emoji text on his phone at the airport before his phone died, allowing the pair to reconvene at Bruno’s apartment! As the pair kiss in the middle of the road, cars honk their horns, trying to will them to leave, as this romcom comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Smiley has been one of the bigger surprises this year. It’s a wonderfully told, well written romcom with plenty of humour and romance to boot. There’s certianly scope for a second season to grow into but to be honest, the show doesn’t really need it! This was the perfect ending for the whole series, with Bruno and Alex finally finding themselves again.

The series has been a great way of demonstrating that love can be found in the strangest places, while the various different relationships have shown off a kaleidoscope of outcomes, from heartbreak to euphoric highs. Just like love!

Smiley has been one of the bigger surprises this year and the ending rounds things out with a really heartwarming conclusion.


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