Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 1 “Hookers Didn’t Kiss on the Lips” Recap & Review

Hookers Didn’t Kiss on the Lips

Episode 1 of Sky Rojo Season 2 begins with our trio of strippers on the run, having thwarted Romeo and his men for now.

With his account book in hand, Coral visits the other girls working for Romeo and hands over their passports. After dealing with the girls’, she turns her attention to the security, including Beefcake whom she shoots at point-blank range.

Elsewhere, Wendy and Nina race off to get medical attention but they’re stopped by Christian. He wants his brother but of course, he’s buried in a hole underground. There’s certainly no love lost between Christian and Wendy though, which dates back to moments in the past where she was tied down and forced to have sex with the guy.

With these painful memories floating around in her mind, Wendy tells him to pray. While Christian begins reciting bible verses, the pair get back on their bike and ride off. They do, however, leave his gun there.

With this in hand, and the sound of a loud car horn in the distance, Christian figures out where Moises is buried and breaks him out. After kicking his way through the windscreen (honestly how does Moi not get cut by this?) the pair reconvene and prepare to exact their revenge.

Out in the woods, Wendy and Nina fall off their bike and find themselves in a game preserve. As they scramble to their feet, heading off for help, Coral finds herself spiraling out of control. With two guns in hand, she keeps both the security and the girls at bay. At least to begin with anyway.

When Romeo shows up and Coral loses control, she’s knocked out and finds herself at Romeo’s mercy once more.

The Episode Review

Sky Rojo is back and while some were put off by the nudity and violence in the first part, the stylish and pacey action made it an enthralling watch nonetheless.

Thankfully we didn’t have years to wait for that cliffhanger ending to be resolved, with the show returning mere months after the first season dropped. It seems this may actually be a new model Netflix is trialing with its show (also seen with Lupin and Lucifer too) and it seems to work quite well.

Thee first chapter essentially sets up this cat and mouse game again, with Wendy and Gina presumably about to be hunted by Christian and Moises. With lots of drama still to come, this first chapter gets things off to a lively and pacey start.

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