Sky Rojo – Season 2 Episode 2 “The Talent of Wretches” Recap & Review

The Talent of Wretches

Episode 2 of Sky Rojo Season 2 begins with Gina and Wendy scrambling into an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods. They try to ring Coral but unfortunately Romeo picks up. Scrambling for a solution, the pair manage to bag themselves a shotgun and a bear trap.

Held up together, Gina helps cauterize Wendy’s wound while the pair wait for the inevitable arrival of Christian and Moi. Well, it doesn’t take long before a barrage of bullets are traded between them.

At a stalemate, Moi grabs a canister of gasoline and remains dead-set on burning them out. With his brother gone, Christian approaches the house where Gina shows unarmed. It turns out it’s all a ruse, as Christian walks right into a beartrap and ends up dragged into the house.

Meanwhile, Romeo turns his attention to Coral, who’s tied up in his office. In order to try and work her way out of this, she kisses him on the mouth. However, Coral’s plans go up in smoke when Moi rings and confirms Christian is being held hostage.

Gina removes the bear-trap while Romeo and Coral show up at the cabin. They’re there to negotiate a hostage swap, with Christian and Coral due to be switched.

It’s tense but as the trio of women are joined, they double-cross Romeo and take off with Christian in tow. They jump into Romeo’s car and take off.

The girls eventually trick a guy called Saturio by the side of the road, switching cars and hoping that’s the end of things. Well, it most certainly is not. Unfortunately they pass Romeo’s, leading to a big chase. It doesn’t last long though, as the girls flip their car and end up trapped with Romeo and his men once more.

This time, they awaken to find themselves in the same hole they buried Moi. Romeo orders cement to be poured on their car, as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

With the getaway and hostage situation a bust, the girls find themselves in an even more precarious situation now. Not only are they at Romeo’s mercy, they’re also stuck in a similar predicament to the one they put Moi in.

This cat and mouse chase seems like it’s over for now, although the girls could still escape and make it out of this alive. But how?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see but this enthralling action thriller continues to deliver.

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