Should I Watch: The Sinner


Should I Watch The Sinner?

This anthology series is a bit of a mixed bag at times but the first season in particular is great. The second season follows that up with a neat plot twist at the end while the third season is polarizing at best, armed with a pretty illogical ending. The first two seasons are well worth checking out though.

How Long Is This Show?

The Sinner is a 3 season anthology show. Each of the seasons have 8 episodes which clock in between 43-51 minutes. At the time of writing, the show has been renewed for season 4 by the USA Network.

What Is The Sinner Actually About?

The Sinner is an anthological crime drama centering on different disturbing and perplexing cases. These are then strung out across the entirety of the 8 episodes each season. At the center of this lies Harry Ambrose, a haunted detective who hunts for answers while wrestling with his own demons. Harry is the glue that holds everything together here, establishing himself as the central player who shows up across all three seasons.

The first case centers on Cora, a woman who inexplicably stabs a stranger repeatedly on a beach. Season 2 sees a young boy called Julian admit to killing his parents while season 3 centers on Jamie Burns, a survivor of a fatal car crash that seems to have a much larger and disturbing case behind it.

What Language Is This In?

The Sinner is shot and filmed in English.

Where Can I Watch The Sinner?

The Sinner is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix outside the US, with those inside the United States able to watch this on the USA Network.

Is There A Trailer For This?

Absolutely, there are trailers for the first 3 seasons. Here’s the trailer for season 1:

What Do I Need To Know Before Watching The Sinner?

Nothing really! You can jump into The Sinner completely blind and enjoy all three seasons. As a quick heads up, we’d recommend skipping season 3 as it’s definitely the weakest of the bunch and as mentioned above, has a very polarizing ending.

What’s The Age Rating?

The Sinner is a 15. There’s quite a lot of graphic violence, intense scenes and some sexually charged moments that certainly aren’t advised for younger viewers.

Who Are The Main Stars?

Bill Pullman is the glue that holds everything together, having starred in all three seasons as detective Harry Ambrose. Jessica Biel was nominated for Golden Globe awards after her performance in the first season, while the rest of the cast tends to change quite a bit between seasons and cases.

What Other Shows Are Like The Sinner?

The Sinner does share some similarities to fellow Netflix streaming picks Mindhunter, How To Get Away With Murder, Alias Grace and Broadchurch.

Our Thoughts:

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