Shardlake – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Shardlake opens with Jack Barak cleaning the blood off his sword after killing Goodhap in the stables. Soon after, Master Buggs discovers Goodhap’s body and informs Fabian, Mortimus, and the others. Their faces show sweat and worry, indicating they know the trouble Goodhap’s death will bring.

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Alice asks Brother Guy if he has figured out what caused Simon to lose control and behave erratically, but Brother Guy dismisses her, saying it’s not a concern.

Mortimus and Fabian decide to keep Jack’s death a secret. Brother Edwig lies to Shardlake, claiming that Goodhap has cleared his room and left for London that morning. Edwig also asks when he can expect his books back, and Shardlake informs him that he will return them once the investigation is over.

After Edwig leaves, Shardlake informs Jack that Simon was behaving strangely because he had been poisoned. The culprit could be anyone, including Edwig, Mortimus, Fabian, or Gabriel, as they had all visited Simon while he was sick in the infirmary. Jack confronts Bugge in the stables, questioning why he lied about opening the gate for Goodhap that morning.

Bugge insists he is not lying. Jack threatens him with his sword, but Shardlake steps in and defuses the situation. Jack then confronts Shardlake, suggesting that sometimes they need to create their own truth and story when the truth is lacking. However, Shardlake disagrees, stating they are closer to the truth and there’s no need for fabrication.

As the episode progresses, Shardlake asks Jack to wade into the pond to see if he finds anything interesting. Jack discovers a sword wrapped in Brother Gabriel’s robe, which Gabriel claims he had left it with the launder. Gabriel denies ever seeing the sword before. When asked if Simon could be the killer, Gabriel defends Simon, saying he was a good boy who would never harm anyone.

Shardlake then orders the pond to be drained, hoping to find more clues that could lead him closer to the truth. After draining the pond, a woman’s dead body and her necklace are discovered. She might be the same woman Brother Simon was referring to when he mentioned he couldn’t save her. The woman is identified as Orphaan Stonegarden, Brother Guy’s former assistant.

Brother Edwin suggests she may have tripped and fallen into the pond. However, Brother Edwin also tries to tarnish her reputation by calling her a thief who stole golden chalices from the monastery.

Shardlake’s patience wears thin, and he demands that Fabian surrender the monastery of St. Donatus, its land, and its wealth in exchange for the brethren receiving their full pension.

When Fabian refuses, Shardlake warns him that he will continue his investigation, and the culprit will be hanged. Gabriel approaches Shardlake privately and reveals that Orphan was molested by several monks, suggesting they might be behind her murder, but before Gabriel can say more, an arrow strikes him in the heart, killing him.

Shardlake heads back to town to meet Copynger, who promises to provide the land receipts within a day. Later, Shardlake boards a ship to London, where he encounters Mr. Crowe, who has also requested the same receipts from Copynger.

In London, Shardlake aims to locate the blacksmith who crafted the sword but is abruptly knocked unconscious before he can make any progress.

The Episode Review

Shardlake has made his way to London, eager to track down the blacksmith, who is the only person who can identify the sword’s owner. With only one episode left, the final pieces of the murder puzzle are sure to fall into place.

But who could be the killer? Father Fabian and his brethren all had their reasons to silence Singleton. If Singleton had exposed the shady dealings at St. Donatus Monastery, it would have meant curtains for them, with no more home, wealth, or power.

And let’s face it, history teaches us that no one wants to give up those comforts. Furthermore, the big reveal might finally uncover the true identity of Mr. Crowe and shed light on whose interests he’s really serving.

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