Shardlake – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Shardlake kicks off with Shardlake taking Brother Guy to the kitchen in the early hours of the morning. When Brother Guy questions if this couldn’t have waited until morning, Shardlake cryptically replies that it is already morning. In the kitchen, Brother Guy recalls finding Robin’s headless body on the floor.

Shardlake asks if Brother Guy noticed any footprints leaving the kitchen on the day of the attack, hinting at his suspicions towards Brother Guy. This suspicion may stem from Brother Guy’s actions the previous night when he prevented Simon from revealing something to Shardlake.

Later on, Buggs informs Gabriel that Simon is sick and lying in the infirmary. Buggs also suggests that Gabriel has a strong affection for Simon and advises him to talk to Simon to prevent him from revealing something that could harm everyone. In the afternoon, Shardlake meets with Fabian, Mortimus, and others, questioning why Simon was starved and beaten so brutally.

Shardlake also calls out Mortimus for his wicked temper, which Shardlake had witnessed first-hand upon arriving at St. Donatus. Given Mortimus’s past as a soldier who has killed many in battle, Shardlake considers the possibility that he could be the attacker. Fabian reveals that on the day Simon was killed, a holy relic was also stolen. He claims that the invaders, or what he believes to be followers of Satan, stole the relic and then killed Robin Singleton.

Shardlake doesn’t buy Fabian’s story and insists that Robin was killed by someone within the monastery walls, not by an invader. He vows to find the true culprit. During lunch, Goodhap asks for permission to leave for London, claiming he has told Shardlake everything he knows. However, Jack Barak intervenes and states that Goodhap can only go once the investigation is concluded.

Shardlake and Jack decide to visit the town to investigate the sale of the land mentioned in the monastery’s books. Upon arriving in the poverty-stricken town, Shardlake meets Justice Copynger and gives him the monastery books. He asks Copynger to compare the bills in the books with his own records to check for any discrepancies.

Copynger agrees to help but requests five days to complete the task. After Shardlake leaves, a mysterious man comes forward and asks Copynger to give him any findings of irregularities in the sales before informing Shardlake. Shardlake returns to the monastery and meets Jerome, who claims to be the cousin of the current Queen. Jerome blames Cromwell for ruining his life, as well as for the wrongful execution of Anne Boleyn.

According to Jerome, Cromwell falsely accused Anne of adultery, leading to her public beheading. Mark Smeaton, who was portrayed as Anne’s lover, wept until his execution, believing he had betrayed her when, in reality, the true betrayers were Henry VIII and Cromwell. Jerome also warns Shardlake that Cromwell will discard him once he is no longer useful.

Simon regains consciousness and runs hysterically as if he’s terrified of something. Shardlake follows him to the tower, trying to calm him down. Simon says Shardlake is sent by the devil, as Jerome had suggested. Sadly, before Shardlake can help him, Simon loses his balance and falls to his death. Before this, we saw Jerome whispering something to Simon, advising him not to reveal the truth to Shardlake.

Shardlake also faces a near-death experience when he steps into a muddy marsh, but luckily, Alice arrives just in time to pull him out. At dawn, Goodhap, fearing for his safety, tries to escape, but Jack Barak catches him. Jack asks Goodhap to return to his chambers, but Goodhap refuses and draws his knife. Jack is forced to defend himself and plunges his sword into Goodhap’s chest. Once Goodhap falls, Jack promises him that he’ll make sure Goodhap’s death doesn’t go in vain. 

The Episode Review

The motive behind Jack Barak’s killing of Goodhap is up for debate. One possibility is that Goodhap overheard a conversation between Jerome and Shardlake, where Jerome revealed Cromwell’s involvement in fabricating evidence against Anne Boleyn, leading to her execution.

This revelation could tarnish Cromwell’s reputation, something Jack Barak, being loyal to Cromwell, would want to prevent at all costs. Another angle could be that another death within the monastery’s walls would provide a solid justification for its closure.

Perhaps Jack Barak is trying to manipulate the situation to serve his own agenda in the absence of a clear motive.

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