The Sex Lives of College Girls – Season 2 Episode 4 “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” Recap & Review

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

In The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Episode 4, Leighton decides to follow the lead of whomever gave her chlamydia and not inform any of her recent sexual partners of her STD.

This backfires when she and Whitney get to the last Kappa mixer. Leighton runs into Natalie, who confronts her about giving her chlamydia. They get into an argument, which a Kappa senior notices.

Leighton doesn’t want to look bad in front of the Kappa girls, so she puts most of the blame from their argument onto Natalie. The Kappa girls start freezing Natalie out, and she notices. So, when they play a game called Secret Seat, Natalie spills in front of everyone that Leighton gave her chlamydia.

All the while, Whitney is dealing with her own problem. Canaan has just asked her to be his girlfriend–but she thought she already was, which only makes her suspicious of Canaan.

She decides to ask advice on the situation from Kappa seniors at the mixer. They encourage her to be suspicious of him. One girl talks about going through all her boyfriends’ phones to be sure of their commitment. But Whitney doesn’t think she could do something like that.

Jackson surprises Kimberly by inviting her to a study session. Her suite mates encourage her to think he wants to do more than study. But when Kimberly gets to Jackson’s room, someone else is there too. It turns out that Jackson is trying to set her up with Fred from their class.

Bela, meanwhile, struggles to expand The Foxy’s reach before the release of their first issue. But meeting up with Eric gives her an idea.

Right before both The Catullan and The Foxy are scheduled to be released, Bela tampers with The Catullan’s cover issue by putting a QR code on it that will direct readers to The Foxy’s issue. This gives The Foxy loads of new followers–but Eric isn’t happy about how Bela used him.

The suite mates all meet up at a Christmas party, where Kimberly asks Jackson why he tried to set her up with Fred. He says he was trying to help Fred out because he really likes her. And guys like Fred don’t usually have a chance with girls like her. Hot girls, he clarifies.

Leighton decides to step away from the party to call a Kappa senior while they’re in the middle of deliberations. She tells her Natalie was right. Leighton gave her chlamydia, so they shouldn’t hold the tension of the mixer against Natalie. She apologizes, and the Kappa senior hangs up.

Canaan greets Whitney at the party in a Santa suit. Whitney doesn’t like seeing Zoe sit on his lap later, so she decides to take the Kappa girls’ advice by going through Canaan’s phone. She finds a text from Zoe thanking Canaan for meeting up with her. “I know you’re with someone,” it reads, “but I needed you to know how I feel.”

When she confronts him, Canaan is angry she went through his phone. Nothing happened with Zoe, and he only talked to her so he could let her down gently.

Later that night, Eric surprises Bela with a little sabotage of his own. If she wants competition, she can have it.

Back in their dorms, Leighton and Whitney are both surprised to be accepted into Kappa. But Whitney’s excitement deflates when talking again with Canaan. She’s broken their trust–so he’s breaking up with her.

The Episode Review

The drama thickens for all the Essex ladies in this installment of The Sex Lives of College Girls. As for Leighton, I’m glad writers are bringing back her obsession with Kappa. This episode reminds us that she can be petty and misguided–but underneath that perfect, preppy façade is still a heart of gold.

It’s Leighton and Whitney, I think, who have the most potential for character growth in this season. With Whitney, I think the breakup with Canaan is one of the better things that could have happened to her. So far, this season has been about pushing herself and discovering her hidden talents. This development could be a big part of that arc.

But it’s Bela’s storyline I find most entertaining. It seems like she and Eric are going to have fun with some friendly sabotage. But is it possible they might take it too far?

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